AS WE are just days away from seeing the Olympic Torch carried through our communities, you can feel the excitement rising.

Much has been made of this Olympics.

There are the doom-mongers who say that it is too expensive in times of such austerity and that it is ‘London’s games”.

We don’t agree.

For many of us, these will be the only Olympics we see in our lifetime.

It is the greatest sporting event in the world and it is here, on our doorstep.

It is not just London’s games. Events are happening up and down the country, including just down the road in Cardiff.

It is Britain’s Games.

We know from speaking to local people that excitement is building from all generations and that is right.

Yes, these are difficult financial times, but these are also times when we need something like the Olympics to give us all a bit of a boost.

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations also give us the chance to bring a bit of the feelgood factor back.

We urge you not to listen to the moaners and instead embrace and celebrate the Olympics.

In years to come, we will all be talking about the time it was here.

So enjoy every moment of this wonderful event because it will be over before we know it.