WE find ourselves baffled again with the London-based media obsession as to why the Ryder Cup should not have been held in Wales in October.

Yes, the weather has been awful over the weekend but no worse than anywhere else in the country.

Trying to portray an image that Wales was the only place suffering from the elements lacks any credibility.

Playing this event in October anywhere in the UK had its risks.

The decision to play in October was largely due to the Americans wanting the tournament delayed because of the Fedex Cup.

That aside, it seems bizarre that Wales as a venue is now being questioned as a suitable venue.

Anyone who talks to people who have actually attended play will hear nothing but praise for the outstanding way the Celtic Manor has hosted this event.

Facilities have been world class and it has helped firmly place Newport on the map as being a city that can host any sporting event, no matter what its size.

Weather aside, this remains an incredible tournament and one that will go down in the history books.

The golf has been outstanding, the glamour of the weekend with Hollywood stars and an ex-president has been spellbinding and the hospitality has been first class.

Don’t listen to anyone who knocks this Ryder Cup.

There has never been another one like it and it has set the standard for future tournaments.

And despite the weather, which is out of anyone’s control, golf lovers get an extra day of sport and local businesses another day of tills ringing.

We fail to see how anyone can be a loser.