PUPILS at schools across Newport are currently learning a Ryder Cup-themed curriculum.

Activities include designing golf courses on paper and computers, completing golf-themed maths exercises, baking, writing poetry and learning about equalities and sustainability.

The seven-week programme, which was developed by Newport council and The European Tour, has been taught to pupils in years two to eight since the beginning of term.

Millbrook Primary School teacher Paul Manship composed a Ryder Cup musical entitled “Og and the Cup of Good Fortune”, which children are performing at schools across Newport.

Youngsters at Malpas Court Primary School learnt maths skills by counting how many shots it took them to hit a golf ball into a target.

They have also looked at the qualities required to apply for a job as a caddy, the order of importance of the people behind the organisation of the tournament and equality in golf, because handicaps enable people with differing skill levels to play golf against one another.

In two weeks time, pupils will hold a Ryder Cup celebration at the school with singing, dancing, cakes and a procession.

Otis Rhoden, eight, said he enjoyed writing a poem about hitting a golf ball for his homework and designed a ticket for the tournament.

Caitlin Sullivan, 10, said: "I’m starting to like golf now."

Year four and five teacher Julie Harrington said the golf theme interests children and encourages them to learn, while also enabling them to be part of the Ryder Cup.

Schools across Wales can also access the curriculum and Gilwern School, in Abergavenny, is staging its own Ryder Cup tournament last week.