DRAGONS are famously creatures of fire so it came as a surprise that a little over 24 hours after the SuperDragons2 trail’s launch on Monday, rain has forced more than a third of the dragons to be recalled.

The trail, which stretches throughout Newport, has a mix of indoor and outdoor dragons, and some of those which were placed outside are said to have reacted badly to the July deluge of rain.

The dragons which had been hand finished as opposed to spray painted saw their varnish reacting with the rain causing them to "bubble".

Those dragons, about 26 of the total 60, were being recalled on Tuesday, and will have their varnish re-applied before being returned to the trail.

It comes as a further blow after the Canary Dragon, which sits by the Riverfront, had initials carved into its face and the Firestarter dragon had to be repaired after being blown over while celebrating the Busk on the Usk festival.

A Newport Council spokeswoman, said: "Some of the dragons which had been finished by hand have reacted badly with the rain which has caused their varnish to bubble. The ones which were spray painted are fine.

"We have brought those dragons which were hand painted back to the Dragon’s Den (U.R.B.A.N, John Frost Square) where they can be re-varnished with something a bit more appropriate for the lovely weather we are having.

“They should be back out in the next couple of days."