YOUR South Wales Argus SuperDragon is out on the trail and it is a celebration of all things Newport.

The dragon is housed in the café in Belle Vue Park, just a stone’s throw from the Argus offices. And in its position in front of the windows looking out over the city, urban designer Lauren Brown’s creation is in an apt spot.

Miss Brown’s dragon, Cityscape, is covered in a map of Newport, with the cities iconic landmarks highlighted throughout it.

Miss Brown, 27, from Baneswell, Newport, explained: “The dragon is done in a style called decoupage, which is basically where you cut out individual sections of the piece and stick them on.

“All the landmarks on there, like the Transporter Bridge and the Civic Centre.

I had to draw by hand and then stick on.

“It was all very fiddly. It probably took into the hundreds of hours to create, certainly longer than I had expected.”

The former Coleg Gwent, Cross Keys campus student was very conscious she wanted her dragon to be synonymous with Newport.

She said: “I’m from Newport and wanted to do something as a celebration of the city. Some of the landmarks and architecture are really nice and even the ones which aren’t are still our landmarks.” And Miss Brown said she wanted to get involved as it seemed a natural fusion of something she was interested in both personally and professionally.

“I work for Powell Dobson Urbanist in Cardiff so I work a lot on regeneration and urban design anyway so it was a mix of hobby and something I am interested in workwise,” Miss Brown said.

Argus editor Kevin Ward said: “The SuperDragons were a great success in 2010 and this year they are bigger and better.

“They’ll be a central part of Newport life this summer and as the city’s number one media outlet we wanted to be heavily involved, hence our sponsorship of a dragon and our weekly SuperDragons Diary feature.

“Our dragon, features a street map of Newport with images of the city’s landmarks and it’s a great way of celebrating our 120 years as the local daily newspaper.”