A BROTHER AND SISTER from Caerleon have made this year’s SuperDragon trail a real family affair.

Gus Wookey and his sister Alexia Stedam are the creative inspirations behind four of the colourful creations this time around including the Canary Dragon, who stands on the Riverfront.

The pair, who missed out on being involved in 2010, found their inspiration for the caged dragon over a glass of wine, and agreed it was a unanimous eureka moment.

Mrs Stedam, said: "The dragon is inspired by Tweety Pie (the Loony Tunes character). We were just chatting about what would be a fun design over a glass of wine and when it came up we all agreed it was fun and we tried to take the idea further and further."

Mr Wookey, said: "We knew that a lot of people would be just painting there’s so we wanted to do something a bit more sculpture-like and different and this seemed great fun."

Mr Wookey, 48, designs sets for TV shows and plays as his day job, so the scale of the pieces of work wasn’t as daunting for him as perhaps some of the other artists.

He did admit he wasn’t sure the Canary Dragon would sneak on to any of his sets any time soon though.

"I’m not sure It would fit in the background of Marple or Poirot," he jokes.

Another of their creations, the Flag Dragon, which is housed at Tredegar House, is an equally ambitious sculpture.

"We had to saw the whole dragon in half and there was a lot of filler used to keep the mesh in place," Mrs Stedam says of the dragon, which using a huge steel mesh has been turned into a giant replica of the Welsh flag.

"It is unashamedly patriotic," Mr Wookey says, "again there is no particular message behind it we just wanted something visually impressive and a bit of fun."