Last week we visited the Roundhouse, Risca and received the following replies:

Mr Harold Leyshon, Risca:

"It is the old main Western Valley Road, before the A467 bypass was built, with Medart Place, Crosskeys, on the right of the picture.

Centre left is the historic Roundhouse where the late Mr Ray Lewis, the very well known and renowned physiotherapist had his practice which was later carried on by his son, Mr Gerry Lewis."

Mrs Beryl Hancock, Brynithel:

"I was brought up in Crosskeys and recognise it as the Roundhouse. Mr Ray Lewis, who was a well known physiotherapist, carried out his practice there.

When I was small I had to go back and forth to him because due to whooping cough I lost the use of my legs."

Gwyne Carnell:

"It is Medart Place. The property on the left is the Roundhouse where Ray Lewis, who was masseur to the Welsh rugby team for many years, had a private practice between the 1950s and 70s.

In front of it runs the road to Waunfawr Park where Cross Keys cricket team play. There is also a bowling green and football and rugby pitches. In the old days on Sunday the "silver band" played on the bandstand.

Waunfawr Park was and is a lovely green space where many people, especially the young, used to parade on Sundays.

On the left hand side of the picture was the home of Dr Richards which is now the Medhurst Care Home which is just out of view and on the right hand side and opposite (again out of view) is Ravenswood, the house where I was born in 1931.

This house had a large wonderfully productive garden and was home to my grandfather's family. When my parents married they lived there in "apartments." I remember Dr Richards' housekeeper putting food out for my family's dog, a pan with left over porridge from breakfast.

It would be put outside the door, 'Bob' would pick it up, take it home to Ravenswood, eat the porridge then take the empty pan back to the owner.

Although my mother, father and I moved from Ravenswood when I was three years old, I remember it and all the family with much affection.

I also remember the midwife that delivered me - a Mrs Fowler from North Road in Pontywaun. It was a Friday morning in March and it was snowing."