ANOTHER weekend, another firestorm of controversy in the Premier League.

Fans of Queens Park Rangers, Liverpool and Chelsea will be bitter at some poor decisions.

They’ll no doubt spend most of this week moaning and gnashing their teeth, wondering why life is so unfair and why it’s always their team that suffers?

In between the messageboard moaning will be quiet actions from the FA.

In all likelihood, the linesmen at Stamford Bridge, The Emirates and Goodison Park will get demoted for a couple of weeks and the real scrutiny will all go on referee Mark Clattenburg.

And facing, as he is, a formal complaint from Chelsea FC for the language he alleg-edly used at two Chelsea players in Sunday’s loss to United, there’s more than likely going to be yet more ugly fallout.

My question is, why?

Wouldn’t we be protecting referees by miking them up and recording EVERYTHING that is said during a game, like they do in rugby?

I’m not even calling for those announcements to be heard by live or TV audiences, simply that it’s taken for posterity and becomes a matter of public record.

Clattenburg could be cleared or punished already, depending on the evidence, if that were the case.

In this day and age it’s absurd it’ll be one person’s word against another.

The arrival of goalline technology can’t come soon enough and should be extended to contentious decisions.

A Hawkeye system with a certain number of challenges – like in tennis – would work in football and would’ve made the decisions made by linesmen this week academic.

Football is a 21st century sport and the governing bodies’ reticence to improve transparency and decision making through basic technology continues to baffle.