IT WAS a signal of intent when the Newport Gwent Dragons board appointed Dean Ryan as rugby consultant, yet its a move that has backfired spectacularly.

In a miserable season there was a glimmer of hope when it was announced that the former England back row forward was helping out at Rodney Parade.

Ryan is a heavy hitter in the rugby world, a man that doesn’t mess about who has good contacts and a shrewd brain, as shown by his excellent work as an analyst with Sky Sports.

The region gave no real job description but it was confirmed he would head to Newport one day a week, help out in recruitment and act as a link between the board and the coaching staff.

The sceptics stated that they would do his job for a lot less than a sum just shy of four figures to say ‘put your hands in your pocket and sign some experienced players in the front five, half-back and midfield’.

Nonetheless, the description used by the Dragons when it came to Ryan was that he would be a valuable “resource”.

Well, the missed calls will be piling up on his mobile after he was appointed as interim Scotland forwards coach last week.

That’s a heck of a commute for a weekly board meeting in the Bisley Stand.

‘No matter’ was the response from Rodney Parade, ‘he will still fulfil his role here’.

Sorry, but there is no chance that Ryan will be giving a second’s thought to the Dragons during Six Nations.

His reputation is on the line when it comes to his job with Scotland; it isn’t when it comes to a role at Rodney Parade that now looks rather flimsy.

The Dragons board must feel they can’t do right for doing wrong, because they’ve been made to look rather daft with the Ryan appointment.