GAVIN Rees’ aim of becoming a two-weight world champion saw him and trainer Gary Lockett make a big sacrifice yesterday, a month away from their partners and kids in pursuit of the American Dream.

Newbridge puncher Rees faces undefeated bruiser Adrien Broner in Atlantic City on February 16 and is certainly the Rocky Balboa to Broner’s Apollo Creed, the younger and stronger American a red-hot favourite with the bookies.

However, Rees is leaving nothing to chance in terms of his preparation and that’s why he and trainer Lockett flew to New York yesterday.

The pair have travelled without sparring for Rees and will instead use the resources on offer in NYC having based themselves at the same lower Manhattan apartments the Calzaghes used when Joe fought Roy Jones at Madison Square Garden.

“It’s four weeks and it’s essential preparation for Gavin, we need to get him acclimatised to the time difference and the conditions and it shows how seriously he’s taking this opportunity,” said Lockett.

“But for both of us it’s a sacrifice.

“Gavin is going to miss his kids, but he’s fighting for them in a sense.

“My family and my children especially are my life. It’s going to be extremely difficult and in a way, I’m dreading it.”

Cwmbran’s Lockett fought his last fight as a professional in Atlantic City against Kelly Pavlik (who retired last week) and believes he didn’t spend long enough getting used to the time change.

“We did less than two weeks, it definitely wasn’t enough,” he said.

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