'It means everything to me' grandfather's emotional plea to find lost ring

2:48pm Wednesday 27th February 2013

By Anna Slater

A grandfather was left heartbroken after he got home from playing table tennis and realised he had lost his gold ring.

Dave Martin, of Gateshead Road, Borehamwood, felt sick when he noticed the cygnet ring that he never takes off was not on his finger.

The 75-year-old said the ring has little monetary value, but is desperate to find it again as it was a birthday present from his parents when he turned 18.

Mr Martin spent Monday playing table tennis at Maxwell Park before having a drink at the Royal British Legion, Shenley Road – but despite retracing his steps it has not turned up.

He said: “I am heartbroken at the thought I might have lost it. It is an awful feeling, really awful.

“I didn’t feel very well when I got home on Monday and saw it wasn’t on my finger. I am just devastated.

“I have looked everywhere but it has not turned up. If someone does find it on the street I would be awfully grateful if they could return it.

“It has so much sentimental value and means everything to me.”

Father-of-three Mr Martin had hoped the ring would one day be passed down to his two grandsons.

The ring is described as a "fairly small" heart-shaped cygnet ring.

Mr Martin added: “I remember the moment I unwrapped it – I was so pleased because it was such a lovely present.

“I’ve had it for so long. If it turns up I would be so pleased.”

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