CWMCARN Gymnastics Club achieved great results at the South Wales Acrobatic Championships in Swansea.

Gymnasts competed at various levels by age through the day.

Women pairs partnerships that competed at level 1 all did extremely well, with Macy Jones and Grace Jones winning 2nd place (silver) in the age 7 category, Carys Dent and Libby Hodges won 1st place (gold) and Maddison Brain and Libby Greenslade won second (Silver) in the age 7-8s category.

Emily-Mae Phillips and Grace Williams won 2nd place (silver) in the age 8s category.

Bethan McWilliams and Catrin McWilliams won 2nd place (silver) in the over 8s category.

Gymnasts that competed at level 2 also did very well with Isabelle Holloway and Millie Jackson winning 1st place (gold) in the womens pairs under 12 category.

The mixed pairs category was won by Evan Phillips and Isabelle Holloway taking 1st place (gold).

Ella Johnson, Evie Chillcot and Millie Jackson won 1st place (gold) in the women's groups category.

At level 3, the women's groups category 1, Millie Beveridge, Emily Millard and Ffion Spencer won 1st place (gold).

Olivia Hillman joined 2 women from West Street Gymnastics Club to form a women's group in category 2, winning 1st place (gold).

In the out of age category Allana Sparkes also joined 2 women from West Street Gymnastics Club to form a women's group, also winning 1st place (gold).

All the coaches from Cwmcarn Gymnastics Club are very proud of the gymnasts that competed and would like to thank those that came to support the club.

Morning groups photo

Back row from left: Millie Jackson, Olivia Hillman, Emily Millard, Ffion Spencer, Emily-Mae Phillips, Isabelle Holloway.

Middle row from left: Bethan McWilliams, Catrin McWilliams, Millie Beveridge, Carys Dent, Libby Hodges, Grace Williams

Front row from left: Libby Greenslade, Maddison Brain, Macy Jones, Grace Jones

Afternoons groups

In front Ella Johnson, from the left Evan Phillips, Allana Sparkes, Evie Chilcot, Millie Jackson and Isabelle Holloway