I AM not going to lie in this column and as such, I can’t pretend this hasn’t been one of the worst weeks of my career to date after I was told I won’t be getting a deal for next season.

I had the chat with the gaffer a little while back, maybe a couple of weeks, but there is no point moaning about it and the key thing now is to get on with things and take any opportunity that comes my way.

What can I do other than that? I’m not a quitter, it’s not over until the fat lady sings and I will stay positive and look to support the boys and the club.

It’s harder because it’s Newport of course it is, it’s personal to me, I love the club and what can I do?

I have to try and do everything I can to show the gaffer it might be worth keeping me around, I will definitely keep my professionalism and support the gaffer and his coaching staff.

As hard as it is for me to take, I am pleased at least that he has been honest with me, I’d much rather have that than just be bombed out and not talked to and left to draw my own conclusions.

I’ve kept the news to myself until it break in the paper, as far as I was concerned it was the business of myself and the club and that’s the way I handle things.

I didn’t want it out in the open before it needed to be and I am sure if the gaffer felt it needed to be public knowledge straight away he’d have told the Argus and the press first.

But it stayed in house and I will just support the lads as I have been doing and if I get my chance, look to take it.

It’s a big period of time for us and we all need to be fully focused and singing from the same hymn sheet, we’ve had a difficult spell and we need to come out of it.

Anyone can beat anyone in League Two, we know that, we’ve seen it ourselves by beating Oxford who are at the top and then losing to Cheltenham and Wimbledon and straight after beating us, Cheltenham went and lost 4-1 at home and were 4-0 down after half an hour. It’s just that kind of a division.

We need to show urgency on Saturday against Scunthorpe and if we do that, we will get the crowd back on our side.

As well as being a difficult week for myself and for David Pipe, it’s obviously been a sad week for everyone at the club with Tim Harris opting to leave the club to return to Gloucester City.

I think his departure is huge for us, it’s a massive blow to the people who run the club because Tim’s contribution to the club and his passion and enthusiasm for it, is unrivalled.

He took me when I got kicked out of the youth team many moons ago and put me in the Newport County first team and all those years later, here we are.

I stayed in touch with him throughout my career, first and foremost he became a friend, we share the same birthday date and of all the people in football I’ve encountered, Tim is one of the best people of all.

He’s been nothing but a friend and a gentleman and since I’ve returned to the club, he’s been superb, always putting the club first and doing so much work behind the scenes that people don’t even know about.

I can’t say enough nice words about Tim, the gaffer has mentioned it as well, it’s a massive loss to the club.

It’s not just about his passion and his commitment, he’s good at his job as well, people respect him and he’ll be missed by all the boys in the dressing room.

But obviously I will stay in touch with Tim and wish him all the best in an opportunity he obviously thought was too good to turn down.

Often in football you have to say goodbye to people or clubs when you don’t really want to, its part and parcel of the job and this week, trust me, no one knows that better than I do.

See you all at Rodney Parade this afternoon.