I WILL continue on the County theme by addressing what remains an elephant in the room, namely the impending exits of Mike Flynn and David Pipe.

I feel the club and manager Justin Edinburgh have received unwarranted criticism over this issue with it being magnified and given far more prominence than it is deserving of.

That’s not to disrespect the players involved, as I’ve expressed, I think they are both worthy of keeping on. However, I am not privy to wages and other things Edinburgh must consider and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as generally, his judgement of a player is first rate.

This issue is only in the public domain because it was put there by Pipe. He spoke candidly to supporters and as is the way in a city where rumour spreads like wild fire, it was quickly a case that the issue had to be addressed by the club.

Edinburgh spoke honestly, dispelled some crazy rumours and made clear he’s releasing the duo for football reasons.

Yet still I’m receiving emails, tweets and phone-calls asking for the real reason why they are going. Still I’m being told to investigate outlandish claims that Edinburgh has had a huge bust-up with the duo.

It’s simply fiction. The whole point of Edinburgh removing the automatic extension clauses from the duo’s contracts was because he still wanted to use them this term.

If David Pipe was County’s best player on Sunday, good. Hopefully he’ll match that for another dozen games and Edinburgh will be forced to change his mind on him.

But taken as a whole, Pipe hasn’t been County’s best right back or right wing back this season and Flynn hasn’t been County’s best midfielder. They’ve been great servants whose efforts have been eclipsed by younger players.

And Edinburgh is aiming to strengthen his squad. So disagree with his viewpoint by all means. But don’t try and lump this decision in with County’s current poor form.

Pipe and Flynn haven’t split the dressing room and they aren’t being anything other than good professionals. The whole situation is massively overblown, there simply is no scandal.