DAVID Pipe says his early release from Newport County AFC was the best outcome for him and the club.

The former County captain was told in February that he would not be getting a new contract for next season and was last night released with immediate effect before the club's final two games at York City tomorrow and at home to Rochdale next Saturday.

But the 30-year-old former Wales international says he has parted on good terms with manager Justin Edinburgh.

"There was no actual altercation or anything along those lines," Pipe told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

"I just wanted people to be made aware it was a managerial decision.

"I can respect his decision but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it.

"It's a very awkward situation for me, there's no nice way of going about it.

"But I'm a big enough man to shake hands and I'll use the negatives from this situation to turn them into positives like I've done in the past."

And Pipe agrees with Edinburgh's assertion that the move will now give him a head start in finding a new club.

"Obviously I need to look elsewhere and injury could be a risk," Pipe added.

"I think a shake of hands and signing of the correct papers was probably the right way to go about it to be honest.

"It's difficult to talk to football clubs when you haven't released yourself from the last football club.

"Hopefully over the next few weeks a lot of progress will be made. Certain clubs will know what their budgets are and what league they are going to be in.

"Hopefully we can get the ball rolling and go on from there.

"I'm 30-years-old and like to think I look after myself well so hopefully I'm in good stead regarding the future.

"I'd like to think I can outlast my mates and a few football colleagues on the football pitch."