THERE will be plenty of people, especially in Wales, desperate to see Carl Froch beaten this weekend... and that's an absolute travesty.

Not, you understand, that they feel that way, I totally understand the mindset, but that Froch, the daddy of them all at the moment in British boxing, has created so much ill-feeling towards him.

It's utterly baffling how a fighter at the height of his success and without question heading towards the end of a glittering career, is seemingly hell bent on being remembered not as a warrior and a champion, but as a surly, sore winner who is incapable of promoting a fight, or chasing one, or dismissing one, without showing nasty traits.

I've covered before his classless assassination of Nathan Cleverly's credentials for daring to suggest the two them fight, seemingly oblivious to the years he himself spent calling out and deriding Joe Calzaghe.

But Froch's conduct since his victory over George Groves has been embarrassing.

His post fight meltdown might have been to merely stoke interest in the second fight, but it was incredible to turn public opinion so drastically in favour of Saint George.

The press event to announce the rematch was even more embarrassing, Froch shoving Groves during a photo call and standing smirking as his brother made a spectacle of himself in berating Groves.

Froch appears to genuinely hate Groves and while that has helped to make Saturday's rematch at Wembley Stadium a must watch event, it leaves many observers incredulous.

My distaste at many of Froch's antics don't detract from my huge admiration of his ring skills, most notably his bravery and resilience and he is Britain's number one fighter, the heir apparent to Lennox Lewis and Calzaghe.

He should, for his superb CV, being heading towards national treasure status, but unlike Lewis and Calzaghe and as I touched upon last week, Gavin Rees, Froch is becoming less rather than more likeable as his career winds down. He should be above "hating," young British fighters.

As for the fight itself, it's certainly intriguing.

If Froch is being truthful in stating that he slacked off from training last time and will be sharper, then his heavy hands and incredible chin will surely see him triumphant.

However, if Father Time has caught up with Froch, as the last fight indicated, Groves will easily win the day with his superior speed and defence.

It's a fascinating scenario and a great prospect, with both fighters guaranteed at least to become a lot richer.

Froch rarely fails to deliver in the ring, but it'd be really nice if this time he could show some class out of it as well.