HAPPY World Cup week everyone, now let us discuss preparations for making the most out of this festival of football.

I'm not going to waste your time discussing who to watch out for, what might happen or anything like that, because the wonder of the World Cup is discovering everything for yourself.

However, what I can and will do, is offer some tips for surviving the marathon and maximising how much you can watch.

1) Set your body clock to Brazil

None of the early starts from 2002 or the inconvenient games when you're at work like in the past couple of World Cups, Brazil is ideally suited to those of you who work 9-5.

If you're willing to forego a lunch break and can be home by 5pm, you need not miss a match! No game has a kick-off earlier than 5pm and the first two rounds of games are spread across 5pm, 8pm and 11pm kick-offs, with one, on Sunday morning, at 2am.

2) Use the breaks wisely

As explained, the three games a night scenario leaves us with approximately 70 minutes spare in between fixtures. This is optimal time to resume your real life, by feeding yourself, a loved one, getting some sleep (set an alarm) or doing something other than sitting down and watching football. If you've watched a game in the pub, it's also ample time to get home before the next fixture.

3) Don't waste time moaning about England

If you're reading this, there is an excellent chance you are Welsh. If you are, there is a strong possibility you don't want England to do well in the World Cup. That's absolutely fine. However, save us all the righteous indignation that both the BBC and ITV's coverage is extremely biased. Yes, they are essentially banging the drum like fans. But I promise you, if Wales do make Euro 2016, the Welsh media will be every bit as partisan, maybe even more so.

4) Plan ahead

Ridiculously, not everyone in your life will understand that your only current focus is on watching lots and lots of football. Especially as that's what you did between August and May. Some people, and they may even come to you in the guise of loved ones and dependents, simply don't understand. They will make demands of you and your precious, precious football time.

Allow for it. If, for example, you simply must do a job on Monday, June 16, make sure it can wait until after 7pm. That way, you'll miss Iran v Nigeria, not Germany v Portugal.

5) Enjoy it

With due respect to the Olympics, the World Cup is the best sporting event in the world. Enjoy every moment of it.