A GWENT sports nutrition company is co-operating with Rhys Williams to see whether any of its products are responsible for his failed drugs test.

The Brynmawr-based manufacturer of Mountain Fuel, a sport supplement used by Williams, is believed to be undertaking its own internal tests to establish whether any banned substances were inadvertently used when making the product.

Mountain Fuel is thought to be just one of a range of products used by Williams that are being examined.

Nutritionist Darren Foote, who makes Mountain Fuel, was last year chosen to supply energy supplements to Prince Harry on trek to the South Pole.

Foote, aged 47, of Western Ave, Brynmawr, told the Argus at the time that he beat leading brands worth billions to become the official energy drink supplier for the South Pole Allied Challenge.

His Royal Highness also used the Mountain Fuel energy boost supplements on a similar trek to the North Pole in 2011.

Mr Foote developed the drinks, said to give sportsmen “instant refuelling”, after serving with the Royal Military Police in North Ireland and the Gulf War.