THE shocking news about Rhys Williams’ doping charge dominated day two of competition from a Welsh perspective and it’s caused quite a stir in Glasgow.

Once people spotted the words ‘South Wales Argus’ on my accreditation I was met wherever I went with a pitying “what’s going on with you Welsh guys?” from complete strangers.

It’s the latest in a long line of calamities for Team Wales but we’re not the only ones to be having problems up here.

The Tongan boxer who got roars of approval at the opening ceremony for sporting a Celtic shirt is out of the competition after failing to make the weight in his light welterweight category.

Lomalito Moala Tweeted: “Hey everyone, just letting you know that unfortunately I didn’t make the weigh-in, which means I will not be competing.

“I’m sorry to all my family, friends and supporters and to Team Tonga.” Oops!


Tempers are also fraying in the heat and, after the earlier bust-up between irate Kiwi photographers and a stubborn bus driver, the latest ‘On the Buses’ episode saw journalists clash with over-zealous security guys.

On our way back from the velodrome to the main press centre after a long day the bus diverted via the athlete’s village for some unknown reason.

This prompted a team of security men to board the double-decker and swarm all over us as if we were terrorists.

And it was too much for one or two veteran hacks from the London-based nationals who got into a slanging match with the ‘f****** jobsworths’ that lasted a good few minutes.

I stayed at the back and kept my head down until it all blew over. The heat does funny things to people!


The Games do, of course, also have plenty of heart-warming stories as well.

Forget Paris, Glasgow is the official city of love according to locals.

I’m told the remains of St Valentine himself are buried at the church of Blessed John Duns Scotus in the city.

John Barrowman gave the term ‘Glasgow kiss’ a whole new meaning in the opening ceremony and a couple went a step further in the dress rehearsal earlier this week.

A Rangers fan popped the question to his girlfriend via the big screen in front of thousands at the run-through at Celtic Park – the home of the Gers’ bitter rivals.

Aimee Noble said yes to Chris Anderson and the pair will tie the knot in July 2016.