THE Games have been a big hit in Glasgow but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Usain Bolt is alleged to have muttered something that rhymes with ‘big hit’ when asked how he rated Glasgow 2014 in relation to London 2012.

He’s since denounced the story in The Times as ‘nonsense’ and his minders caused a fracas as he watched Jamaica in the netball yesterday when journalists tried to question the sprint superstar about his comments.

One reporter, the Daily Mail’s Jonathan McEvoy, had his accreditation ripped off him in a row with Bolt’s security guard and was led away by officials – although he was eventually allowed to return.

His crime, he claimed, was to say to Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms: “He hasn’t actually denied the comments, has he?”

On Monday night Bolt’s fellow Jamaican sprinter Kemar Bailey-Cole also negatively compared his Glasgow experience with that of London 2012.

“I can’t compare them,” he said. “London was really different food. It was way better than this. Scottish food could do with some more seasoning.”

And Raj Singh, chef de mission of Team India, has also been quoted as saying that the Indian contingent, many of whom were vegetarians, were “coping” with a Glaswegian diet of pizza and McDonald’s. Other facilities, according to him, were also “below par.”

The Welsh also love a moan, of course, and discus thrower Brett Morse hasn’t let the side down.

Morse, who has qualified for today’s discus final, vented his frustration about noise keeping him awake in the athletes’ village.

“When a door closes in the apartments in the village the whole house shakes!” he said.

London 2012 gold medal winning long jump star Greg Rutherford, who also won gold at Hampden last night, got in on the act too as he slammed ‘selfish’ fellow athletes.

He tweeted: “Being in an athletes’ village is great until the ignorant athletes make more noise than a herd of elephants startled in a china shop.”

After England teammate Bianca Williams sympathised, he added: “It bloody kills me. I have the noisiest people above me with some serious big feet banging around.

“I think some people are determined to annoy every other athlete around them. Strong words will be said soon.”

They should try staying in the Paisley Road Travelodge right under the M8!