FURTHER to yesterday’s news of grumpy athletes complaining about life in the village, the early-morning bust-up between two weightlifters is the talk of the media centre at Glasgow 2014..

Gareth Evans suffered a suspected broken nose after being headbutted – the famous Glasgow Kiss – in the face by Australian Francois Etoundi at around 6am on Wednesday.

Etoundi admitted the offence at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday and was ordered to pay $A730, around £400, to Evans.

The assault followed an earlier verbal exchange between the pair relating to Mr Evans' athlete girlfriend.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie said Etoundi, aged 29, had brought "the law of the playground" into the athletes' village, while his behaviour "undermines the concept of the friendly games.”

Defence lawyer David Hunter said Etoundi, who is originally from Cameroon, was "bitterly bitterly disappointed” to be going home in disgrace.

Commonwealth Games Federation CEO Mike Hooper said: "It was a violent incident. It was witnessed, as I understand, by many in the village. Very clearly this is unacceptable."




The Australians have plenty to celebrate as they battle with England at the top of the medal table thanks to an incredible 57 medals in the pool, including 19 golds.

But spare a thought for young swimmer Josh Willis, one of the stars of popular Aussie documentary series Neighbours.

Josh, son of Brad and Terese Willis, saw his hopes of competing at Glasgow 2014 wrecked by a serious shoulder injury after an abseiling accident earlier this year.

The talented teenager not only missed out on the gold rush in the pool but his girlfriend Amber Turner is also getting increasingly close to Daniel Robinson. Strewth! You’ve got to feel for the fella.




The latest official line from Usain Bolt is that he now thinks the Games are ‘awesome’ and not at all ‘a bit s***’ as he allegedly told a reporter from The Times.

And there’s also no truth in the rumour that he hates Irn Bru and ‘wouldn’t feed haggis to his dog.’ Probably not anyway.

Irn Bru, a sugary national institution up here, has been the official celebratory drink for most Scottish medallists – in public at least.

But even that was too strong for golden girl Libby Clegg. The teetotal visually-impaired sprinter opted for (Scottish) sparkling water to toast her victory this week.

Here’s hoping more Welsh athletes are cracking open the bubbly between now and Sunday.