THE Cardiff City ‘re-branding’ coverage and reaction has made me laugh and cry.

I’ve laughed at the insane notion of some supporters actually buying into the nonsense spouted about it being essential for the growth of the club and I’ve cried (metaphorically) in sympathy for the fans who realise they are being ignored and embarrassed.

It’s an incredibly depressing sign of the times that with the almighty buck being worshipped in football the promise of investment in the club is supposed to appease Cardiff fans about the prospect of playing in red and ditching their identity as the Bluebirds.

Even worse, is the manner in which the decision was reached.

“We are doing this”, say Cardiff. “Please don’t do that,” the supporters answer on mass. “Ok supporters, we won’t do that, don’t worry.”

“Phew, that would’ve been terrible,” sigh the Cardiff fans.

A week passes. “Oh, actually, we are doing it, ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner,” a statement on the Cardiff City messageboard reads.

But don’t forget, this is essential. Firstly, because now the Malaysian owners of the club will invest in the club. Forgive me, but I thought that was the entire point of having owners and benefactors?

But maybe I’m deluded, don’t know what I am saying and don’t understand the complexities of Asian culture and economic marketing in that part of the world. Red is essential, commercially it has to happen, some might scoff.

Playing in red can make Cardiff huge in Asia, apparently.

That’s fortunate, because football is very popular in Asia, particularly the Premier League.

It’s a good job no teams in the Premier League play in red isn’t it? It’s a good job Cardiff are only joining a saturated merchandising market where they’ll now directly compete with Manchester United, the most well supported club on the planet. Oh and Liverpool and Arsenal, those little known village teams.

Protestations that Cardiff are about to become a super club with a global support are as deluded and inaccurate as as those proclamations from Del Boy that “this time next year we’ll be millionaires.”

And what of this investment? Even if it is substantial, there are still no guarantees in the Championship. Leicester City have spent and spent in the past two seasons and they haven’t even achieved a playoff spot.

And are Cardiff fans really happy to see the club spend vast sums when so many have completely lost trust with the owners? Haven’t you been there before. I believe it is dubbed “living the dream,” or having a “golden ticket to success.”

I’ve seen it written a lot that it now has to be promotion for Cardiff or the move will be considered a flop. It’s already a flop and a slap in the face of every single supporter of a proud club.

Cardiff City sold their soul even though the fans begged them not to and they promised they wouldn’t. It absolutely stinks.