A GROUP of 16 acrobatic gymnasts from Cwmcarn Gymnastics Club attended and took part in a recent training day with Bulgarian national coach Dragomir Dragonov and David Thomas from Wales. It was an amazing experience for the athletes and coaches that attended.

Those who took part were Paige Nicholls, Keely Hayes-Davies, Cerys Spencer, Kira Sparkes, Anais Walsh, Ffion Spencer, Kirsty Evans, Jessica Boner, Emily Millard, Olivia Hillman, Lucy Bonner, Allana Sparkes, Ebbony Sparkes, Amy Hobbs, Evan Phillips and Evie Chillcott.

The gymnasts were given an opportunity to improve their individual gymnastic skills, which involved a portion of conditioning, flexibility and body preparation as well as individual elements.

Importantly the group practices not only working in partnerships – balancing, throwing and catching but learning to work with different ages, team building, co-operation and trust.

Acrobatic gymnastics is a beautiful and dynamic sport for both men and women.

Acrobats require courage, strength and stamina but also grace, flexibility and synchronisation.

The combined poise and power create a spectacular sport for both the performer and spectator.

Both the gymnasts and the coaches enhanced their current skills and, most importantly, enjoyed the day.