NEWPORT County ’s board of directors hope to resurrect the deal that would see a consortium spearheaded by Matt Southall investing in the club, writes Michael Pearlman.

Although talks have broken off for the time being, with Southall making his feelings clear in a statement sent to the Argus, the lines of communication have not been closed.

Southall spoke briefly with director Howard Greenhaf on Friday morning and Greenhaf also remains in discussion with Rob Santwris.

Former supporter director Santwris, the driving force behind the player fund last season, had been hoping to spearhead a Friends of Newport County initiative that would have provide extra funds in addition to the plans of Southall and his partners.

Santwris is still keen to execute the plan and there remains a hope of talks resuming in the future.

Greenhaf said: “I can only really reiterate what I said yesterday which is that we don’t want this to be the end of things, we hope the matter can be resurrected and talks can continue.

“I’ve spoken briefly with Matt and we would still have interest in the potential of new investment , it would clearly be in everyone’s best interests. We really don’t want the door to be closed on it.”

Greenhaf also confirmed discussion with the Friends of Newport County arm of the consortium.

“I spoke on Thursday evening in great detail to Rob Santwris, a bit of a heart-to-heart really,” he said.

“Rob doesn’t want it to be the end of the story and he is also hopeful that we can get back around the table and discuss things.”

Santwris believes that an agreement can be worked out.

“What hopefully everyone appreciates is that everyone involved with this, on both sides, is passionate about Newport County,” he said.

“That’s the priority. The priority always has to be what is best for the club and hopefully the issues and everything surrounding it can be resolved.”

Southall continues to be involved with the Exiles as a sponsor and his continued enthusiasm for the club won’t be dampened by the breakdown in talks.

The Acorn managing director was a regular visitor to Spytty Park after standing down as a board member.