NEWPORT County manager Justin Edinburgh believes the Exiles have endured ten years’ bad luck in a single season but still believes they can rescue their faltering promotion bid, writes Michael Pearlman.

Speaking exclusively to Argus Sport, Edinburgh, who yesterday paid tribute to departing director of football Tim Harris, expressed his belief that the Exiles are still well placed considering the obstacles they’ve been forced to overcome.

County saw five successive home games postponed, costing them revenue estimated to be around £250,000 and that was just the latest in a long-line of big blows.

Star defender Byron Anthony broke his leg, top scorer last term Aaron O’Connor has been out all season through injury and others such as Ryan Burge, Chris Zebroski and Max Porter have been sidelined for long spells.

In addition, injury to Christian Jolley has led to a total loss of form and confidence, the man who scored 15 goals between December and May last season bagging just once all season.

And even this month, County saw both their first and second choice goalkeepers get injured within 72-hours of one another.

Edinburgh spent virtually his entire playing career at Tottenham, not exactly strangers to chaos and disruption down the years, but he insists not even the Lilywhites can touch Newport for the best laid plans going up in smoke.

“This season, we have to remember, has been unbelievable in terms of all the stuff that’s gone against us that we couldn’t control,” Edinburgh said.

“Byron’s injury, Azza, the pitch, Christian’s injuries, Max and Zeb, the list goes on and on.

“Who loses two goalkeepers in a week? Have you heard that happen before? It’s almost comical.

“We certainly feel everything that could go wrong has done and in my whole career, as a player, coach, manager, I’ve never known a season like it. It’s like ten seasons of bad luck all in one.

“But with all that said, we are still in contention for the play-offs and if we can get back to form and find some goals, there is every chance we can make it again.

“We’ve already learned so much this season, now we need to push again and see how far it can take us.”