NEWPORT County manager Justin Edinburgh today delivers a damning indictment.... of himself.

The County boss has enjoyed a busy week as he negotiates with his squad in an effort to agree terms for next season.

As revealed in Argus sport, the process is going well and a number of players, including top scorer Chris Zebroski, are close to penning new deals.

However, manager Edinburgh is also negotiating with midfielder Mike Flynn and the fan favourite is set to be offered a dual role as he is likely to also get involved with Newport’s youth set-up.

And when it comes to Flynn, Edinburgh admits he’s got it wrong this season and wants to put his hands up.

When asked by the Argus whether Flynn had ‘proven Edinburgh wrong’ or if it was more a case of not wanting to pick a fight with so much goodwill from the fans towards Flynn, Edinburgh made clear he felt it was a situation created by him.

“I have stated it at our fans’ forum about the clauses in the contracts, that was the issue really,” Edinburgh explained.

Both Flynn, and skipper David Pipe, had clauses in their deals that meant they were offered automatic extensions in they played 25 league games. Both were close to hitting that target when Edinburgh informed the players they weren’t wanted for next season.

“At the time, the clauses had got us a problem and I’ve been open and honest about it, it was a bad idea to insert them in the first place," he continued.

“It worked perfectly for us the year before, absolutely perfectly, but not this season.”

After Edinburgh informed the duo they weren’t wanted the news leaked and fans were adamant the manager had made an error, especially after he made clear his mind was made up on both players.

“In hindsight, with Flynny, I made a mistake, it’s basically as simple as that,” he said.

“Over the course of the season he’s done enough to deserve a new deal and the decision I made on him at the time was too rash and too quick a judgement to make.

“However, over the course of the last few weeks he’s proven me wrong with his performances and with his attitude.

“He’s still got something to give on the field and his feeling for the club and background (Flynn is doing his coaching course at Cardiff as he prepares for a possible management career) makes him good to keep around.”