NEWPORT County boss Justin Edinburgh admits he is “worried” that the city is turning its back on the club.

The Exiles extended their advantage at the top of the Conference on Tuesday in scintillating fashion as they smashed Cambridge United 6-2.

However, only 1,787 fans were in attendance, the lowest league gate of the season, and that scenario seriously miffed Edinburgh.

“The players were immense from start to finish and we thoroughly deserved the result, we were right on it from start to finish and some of our goals and football were outstanding, but for me it’s a mixed bag on the night,” he told the Argus.

“The only thing that took the gloss off it for me was the attendance. People must not lose sight of our situation, we need good gates here and I can’t understand for the life of me how we’ve lost one league game at home and our gates have gone down so drastically.

“I give full credit to the fans who were there because they supported us brilliantly and were rewarded with probably our best performance of the season, but we need more, we’ve gone from over 3,000 to under 2,000 in the space of a few weeks.”

Edinburgh doesn’t believe a promotion push is realistic without a fervent fanbase.

“Everyone should be proud of what we are doing and I worry they (the public) aren’t embracing what we are doing and not enjoying it, some people are becoming too critical and too keen to point out what we are not doing,” he explained.

“I don’t want to harp on, I know financially it’s a tough time but it’s a cause for massive concern on my part.

“If we can’t get over 2000 when we are sitting top of the league it worries me.

“We can’t be relying on one man (millionaire chairman Les Scadding), we need the community to be behind the club and from my perspective it’s a big worry because I’m not sure they are.”