NEWPORT County have issued the following statement about Thursday’s meeting with supporters’ groups.

“Twenty representatives of Newport County AFC support groups attended a meeting called by club president David Hando at Rodney Parade .

“They received a report from club director Howard Greenhaf on plans for Rodney Parade during the close season, following the signing of a ten year license. These included upgrading the pitch, erecting 600 seats behind the goal at the Sytner End, opening the Hazell Stand and negotiating with Newport City Council for the release of the shed canopy at Spytty Park funded by the club and the Football Trust. The hope was that this could be erected over the north terrace.

“All these plans involved delicate negotiations with all parties and raising £100,000, including a Football Trust grant. “That’s where the help of the support groups was needed.

“The groups’ efforts were praised but needed co-ordinating. There would be no direct financial appeal to supporters but they were urged to get behind the team by boosting crowds for the rest of the reason, bringing their friends and supporting the fundraising schemes of the support groups.

“The meeting decided to launch a club committee to co-ordinate the work of the support groups. “Two representatives of each group would meet at Baramber at 7pm on Thursday, March 28. “At that meeting a date would be set for a meeting open to all supporters to report progress.

“The following groups attended the meeting: Newport County AFC Trust, the Supporters’ Club, the Vice Presidents, Baramber and the Subscription Draw. The Programme Team send apologies and full support. “The Friends of Newport County declined to attend.

“Concern was expressed that the £7-8,000 raised at the Friends’ function in the Bisley Lounge at the Wrexham game had not been handed to the Player Fund, as promised on the night, especially as releasing the Bisley Lounge that night had deprived the club of at least £5,000.”

  • The Argus contacted the Friends of Newport County group who declined to comment on the matter at this time.

However, the group intend to release a statement themselves within the next 72 hours to clarify their stance and respond to Mr Hando’s comments, specifically about the Wrexham FC match.