NEWPORT County AFC manager Justin Edinburgh says his decision to release former captain David Pipe was not personal and was made purely for football reasons.

Edinburgh denies that he has fallen out with the 30-year-old former Wales international.

And the Exiles boss says the agreement to release Pipe now rather than at the end of the season is to help the player find a new club.

“I thought it was the right thing to give him the earliest opportunity to go and secure his future and I think he’s got one or two things lined up at a couple of clubs,” said Edinburgh.

“I’ve no doubt that David will find himself another club. He’s an ultimate professional and he’s left for football reasons. There’s nothing personal and no hidden agendas.

“We’ve had a fantastic three years together and he’s been a very good captain for me but the emergence of Ryan Jackson has been a big factor.”

Pipe wanted to stay at the club but he agrees with Edinburgh's assertion that the move will now give him a head start in finding a new employer.

“There was no actual altercation or anything along those lines,” Pipe told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

“It’s a very awkward situation for me, there's no nice way of going about it.

“But I’m a big enough man to shake hands and I’ll use the negatives from this situation to turn them into positives like I've done in the past.

“I think a shake of hands and signing of the correct papers was probably the right way to go about it to be honest.

“It’s difficult to talk to football clubs when you haven’t released yourself from the last football club.

“Hopefully over the next few weeks a lot of progress will be made. Certain clubs will know what their budgets are and what league they are going to be in.

“Hopefully we can get the ball rolling and go on from there.”

Edinburgh admits a decision over Mike Flynn’s future at the club is still up in the air.

“He has certainly given me food for thought,” he added. “His performances have been excellent and in the next few weeks I’ll sit down with the players I want to keep and have a chat.”