NEWPORT County AFC manager Michael Flynn has defended the way that the club is being run at boardroom level and he insists that every decision made is a democratic one.

Former director Charlie Hopkins has warned that a split in the boardroom could halt the progress that the club has made in recent years.

His letter of resignation from the board, which was leaked yesterday, highlighted his concerns about the way the club is being run.

Hopkins says he could no longer serve with fellow directors Gavin Foxall, Shaun Johnson and Mark Crook.

He claims the trio, along with fellow director Peter Madigan, have too much control and have formed what he says is “an executive board in all but name.”

But Flynn says Hopkins’ claims are unfounded and harmful to the club’s public image.

“I’m very content with the way the club is being run,” said the manager.

“It’s the best position that the club has been in on and off the pitch for a number of years.

“What does concern me, and I find it quite worrying, is that someone who claims to have the best interests of the club [at heart] has leaked something out into the public domain that harms the reputation of the club.

“The people named in the letter – Gavin, Sean, Mark Crook – I can only speak from when I work with them and the work I know that they do at this football club.

“They’ve been very supportive, giving their time and their money and I’m 100 percent convinced that the club is in a better place because of these people.

“It’s sad that a personal gripe has tarnished the image of the club, because that’s all I’m concerned about.

“If they had the best interests of the club [at heart] that wouldn’t have been leaked.

“We’re not non-league now, we’re a professional outfit and that’s how we’re trying to run things on and off the pitch.”

South Wales Argus:

Flynn (above with operational chairman Gavin Foxall) has communicated his support for the remaining directors to the board.

“I sent an email last night to the whole board, even the two that have resigned, outlining my concerns,” said the Exiles boss.

“I was absolutely flabbergasted that this got leaked. Our motto is ‘One Club, One Community’ and this is something that we shouldn’t be concentrating on because the club is in the best position on and off the pitch [it has been] for a number of years.

“We all have fall-outs. I had it recently with a fan but I speak to him, I’ve moved on, I’ve got no personal vendetta against him, I’ve not tried to get him banned from the football club.

“It’s part and parcel of business and sport – you fall out with people and disagree with people. It doesn’t mean that toys have got to be thrown out of the pram.”

On the contents of Hopkins’ letter, which questioned the way in which he was appointed as manager in March, Flynn added: “I’ve read it and there’s nothing really that I agree with in there.

“I was in the board meeting when the chairman, Gavin, was asked to sort out my contract with [chief executive] Alex [Tunbridge] and that’s what happened.

“I don’t really know why that’s relevant to put in there.

“This is coming from a former director who I’ve hardly seen at a football match. He wasn’t even at the last game of last season.

“For me it’s sour grapes and I’m disappointed that the three mentioned have come in for some flak.

“There’s [also] Neil Collier, Simon Sadler and Mike Everett who still work hard for the club and I know that every decision is made in a democracy.”