THERE were no doubt a few glum faces yesterday morning when the Argus revealed the breakdown in talks between the current board of directors and Matt Southall’s consortium.

The prospect of a number of local businessmen ploughing money into the club with the sole aim of getting into the Football League seemed almost too good to be true and some supporters may surmise it was exactly that.

Others will rant and rave and blame the current board, conspiracy theories will abound and a feeling of uncertainty and a missed opportunity will linger.

Having spent what feels like an eternity talking things over with the key figures involved, my belief is that there is still the potential for this alliance to become a reality. I don’t see this as being the definitive end to the prospect of Southall returning to the club, something most agree would be in everyone’s best interests.

Southall’s passion for Newport County and loyalty is quite simply beyond questioning, as is his business acumen and expertise in football, and his contacts book would give the club a fillip.

On the other hand, that shouldn’t detract from the achievements of the current board.

It’s a matter of public record that Howard Green-haf was the driving force behind the move to Rodney Parade and new chairman Les Scadding has an obvious financial clout and real vigor for seeing success come to the Exiles.

Fans questioning what Scadding brings to the table other than money are asking the wrong question. Would similar questions be asked of a multi-millionaire at another club? The fact is he does have that money and if some of it, even a tiny fraction, is to be spent on improving the Exiles, we are all winners.

Having heard all sides of the argument, it appears to me that none of the issues that have scuppered the deal are insurmountable.

There is a desire from everyone involved to see Newport County AFC be the very best they can be.

As long as that remains the case, I am hopeful this deal can be resurrected.

Put simply, I feel an agreement is far more achievable than I ever felt the ‘dream’ of County playing at Rodney Parade was.

Unfortunately, all Exiles supporters can do now is sit tight and hope for developments – and support the club with their usual passion and unwavering enthusiasm.

And a lack of ranting on the messageboard might help.

As revealed by us today, there remains hope from the board that talks can be resumed.

So long as that remains the case and everyone wants what is best for Newport County, I for one believe this can still come to fruition.