Kingston police have refused to say how many police officers will be dragged away to the Olympic Games but have promised numbers will be maintained.

The Metropolitan Police’s 66-day operation runs from July 13 to September 16.

On the busiest days about 9,500 police officers will be deployed – although where exactly they will be pulled from has not been revealed.

Jim Taylor, vice-chairman of the Chessington District Residents’ Association, said: “Safer neighbourhood teams will be taken up to central London to deal with problems.

“It will get worse with more of our teams being sent down to the Olympics.”

Senior members of Kingston police have been attending Olympic-related liaison meetings.

A spokesman said: “Obviously liaison meetings are taking place with senior officers.

“Kingston police officers will be deployed to support the Olympic policing operation, however, optimum strengths for emergency response and neighbourhood policing will be maintained.

“We are not prepared to discuss further breakdown of resources due to operational reasons.”

Kingston councillor Geoff Austin said: “I think it’s right the police don’t release too much detail on policing matters as that information could assist those who would commit crimes.

“I am sure even we will have officers from outside the borough for our road races.”

Measures to reduce the number of officers on annual leave, cancel training and use officers from outside London have been put in place.

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