WENTWOOD RESERVOIR: The weather conditions spoilt several days for fishing, especially for those anglers wanting to use boats.

However, those that did boat fish included John Hole 3 fish-6lb 15oz; Matt Smith 3 fish-3lb 12oz; Glyn Row 5 fish-11lb 13oz; Dave Jones 1 fish-4lb 15oz; George Phillips 3 fish-6lb 6oz; H Davies 2 fish-4lb 8oz; Ben Martin 1 fish-2lb; Malcolm Reed 1 fish-2lb 4oz; Mike Davies 1 fish-2lb 1oz; Gareth Rendle 1 fish-2lb; Mike Norman 1 fish-2lb 2oz; P Bradney 4 fish-8lb 2oz; and Paul Godwin 1 fish-2lb.

Among anglers fishing from the bank were Chris Daniels 5 fish-11lb 2oz; Eddie Ricci 1 fish-2lb; M Williams 1 fish-3lb; R Bick 1 fish 3lb; visitor P Newman 5 fish-12lb 8oz, that included 2 fish at 3lb each; Peter Dent 3 fish-7lb; Owen Caudle 2 fish-3lb 14oz; and Malcom Wood 2 fish-4lb 5oz.

Fishing catch and release were Ken Pascoe returned 6; Craig Evans returned 8; Howard Davies returned 6, killed 1; Alan Shearn returned 3; C Jones returned 9. On further visits Alan Shearn killed 1 returned 3; and Howard Davies returned 3.

Best flies were diawl bach, montana, black hoppers and cat’s whisker.

The reservoir closes for the season on Wednesday, October 31.

CWM HEDD: The start of the week saw some really good returns with black fritz, black daddies, montanas and cats working best.

The weather deteriorated through the week and fishing became much harder with strong easterlies and a marked drop in temperatures.

Richard Groves, three fish to a bag weight of 8lb on montanas.

Bill Williams, one taken and six released on black fritz.

Chris Jago, one taken and six released on a nomad.

NEWPORT ANGLING ASSOCIATION: Result of the third leg of the Autumn Series, fished this week on School Pool and a section on Woodstock Pool.

Rob Skellett won with a super weight of 93.8.0 from peg 40, School Pool, also taking the golden peg prize.

Nicky Belcher, fishing the next peg 41 was second with 68.112.0 and Bob Giles took third place with 46.12.0 fishing the section on Woodstock Pool.

The next match in the series is on Sunday, November 4, fishing Morgans Old Pool.

RAVENSNEST TROUT FISHERY: Catch and release: Ken Edwards, Brecon, 16 fish; Dave Edwards, Brecon, 18 fish; Ed Hancock, Caerleon, 12 fish; Roger Jones, Cwmbran, 18 fish; Matt Squire, Bristol, 8 fish; Bob Jennings, Bristol, 1 fish; Dennis Holden, Gloucester, 15 fish; Charlie Avens, Hampshire, 8 fish; Allen Crabb, Hampshire, 6 fish; Terry Wheeler, Caldicot, 9 fish; John Wheeler, Cardiff, 27 fish; Rob James, Abergavenny, 4 fish; Brian Habard, Brecon, 10 fish; Shane Palmer, Brecon, 20 fish; John Gunter, Pontypool, 11 fish (one at 9lb and one at 12lb); Paul Gunter, Pontypool, 4 fish; Shaun Gunter, Pontypool, 10 fish; Luke Thomas, Cardiff, 14 fish; Anthony Chan, Bristol, 4 fish.

Catch and kill: Bob Britton, Newbridge, 4 fish 11lb; Dave Bryant, Bristol, 6 fish 16.9lb; Rhydian Thomas, Bargoed, 2 fish 5.6lb; Gareth Thomas, Bargoed, 3 fish 7.9lb; Mr D Surman, Chepstow, 3 fish 8.2lb; Tom Surman, Chepstow, 2 fish 5.8 lb; Jason Carter, Newport, 6 fish 15.9lb; Charlie Avens, Hampshire, 1fish 2.5lb; Allen Crabb, Hampshire, 3 fish 8.4lb; Dave Myatt, Abergavenny, 3 fish 8.1lb; Les Barley, Abergavenny, 4 fish 10.5lb; Rob James, Abergavenny, 1 fish 2.3lb.

CEFN FFOREST: Annual League. Sunday, October 28, Match Lake, 33 fished.

Far Bank (18 fished) A League: 1st Dai Clarke, Cefn Fforest, peg 17, 78lb 4oz, maggot, seven metres.

2nd: Simon Jones, Greens Tackle, peg 18, 75lb 12oz, worm and caster.

3rd Ryan Thomas, Bargoed, peg 12, 70lb 12oz, down the edge.

Car Park Bank (15 fished) B League 1st Ken Roper, Oakdale, peg 37, 46lb 12oz, pellet feeder to island.

2nd Trevor Tarling, Brittania, peg 2, 39lb 6oz, feeder to island.

3rd John Roper, Cefn Fforest, peg 5, 34lb 10oz, pellet six metres. A League winner: Gafyn Jones B League winner: Trevor Tarling (promoted).

NEWPORT AND DISTRICT SEA ANGLING CLUB: Results from the competition on October 28 at St Brides: 1st Reece Watts, 0.64kg; 2nd Paul Osmond, 0.46kg; 3rd Granville Thomas, 0.16kg.

The rain and westerly winds didn’t deter 15 anglers from fishing St Brides, but the fish were few and far apart again.

Just a few whiting were all that was needed to take first place, closely followed by a flounder for second.

A bonus little silver eel took third place.

The club competition next week will be held over low water at Goldcliff.

Fishing times are 1.30 to 5.30 on November 4.

GWENT SEA ANGLING: Results of the Marcross match: 1st Deb Eidman, 3 congers, 1 dog, 1 pouting, 2.58kg.

2nd Ivor Smith, 1 conger, 1 pouting, 1 dog, 2.37kg.

3rd Darren, 1 dog, 1 pouting, 1 rockling, 0.90kg Next match Llantwit Open.