• Let's talk about socks

    CANCER Research Wales is urging people to dig out their funny or mismatched socks. BBC newsreader Huw Edwards, ex-Wales rugby player Nigel Walker and singer Aled Jones are backing the charity's annual silly socks campaign. Cancer Research Wales

  • Compensation for miners' injuries closer

    THE campaign for ex-miners to be paid compensation for crippling knee injuries is expected to take a major step forward next week. Officials from miners' union Nacods, which is leading the Argus-backed campaign, expect to be given permission by Judge

  • Regional seat has extremes of wealth and poverty

    THE South Wales East regional list has 61 candidates, all fighting for four available seats. For the past four years these have been: * William Graham, Conservative * Laura Anne Jones, Conservative * Jocelyn Davies, Plaid Cymru * Michael German

  • Regional seat has extremes of wealth and poverty

    THE South Wales East regional list has 61 candidates, all fighting for four available seats. For the past four years these have been: * William Graham, Conservative * Laura Anne Jones, Conservative * Jocelyn Davies, Plaid Cymru * Michael German

  • Ann Were

    I was born and brought up in Monmouth where I still live. I attended Monmouth School for Girls and later South Gwent College of Further Education, where I was the Secretary of the Student Union for two years. I qualified as a nurse in 1985 and,

  • BNP candidates

    James Trueman I believe that globalisation, with its export of jobs to the Third World, is bringing ruin and unemployment to Welsh industries and our communities that depend on them. I oppose the influx of cheap migrant labour that inevitably drives

  • Madeleine Jeremy

    The Christian Peoples Alliance is part of a long European tradition; Wales' cultural heritage has been rooted in Christianity for seventeen hundred years. In the census of 2001, 72 percent of us in the Welsh population chose to describe themselves

  • Steve Gash

    Steve Gash is from Carlisle, Cumberland and is aged 54 with a grown up daughter. Most of my working life has been spent in various fields of biological research including cancer and agriculture. I left science for a spell in financial services and

  • Colin Hobbs

    Colin Hobbs believes the best interests of the people of Wales will be served by independent politicians who put their communities before political parties. After more than 30 years public service he has chosen to stand as an Independent to fight for

  • Mark Whitcutt

    I hope that on 3rd May, people will choose to re-elect a majority Welsh Labour Government. Having been born and brought up in South East Wales and lived and worked here all my life, I care passionately about the area and its people and strongly believe

  • Jocelyn Davies

    This election offers voters a clear choice: re-elect a visionless Labour government that has turned its back on its most loyal supporters or give Plaid Cymru the opportunity to implement exciting policies that will address the most pressing problems we

  • William Graham

    In sharp contrast to Labour's tired, re-packaged policies that have, for the most part, failed to deliver, the Welsh Conservatives' manifesto for the Assembly elections is the most radical, ambitious and comprehensive platform for government the party

  • David Rowlands

    I am a married man living in Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran. I currently own and run Alice Springs Golf Club at Kemeys Commander near Usk. The UK Independence Party believes that the citizens of the United Kingdom are not getting value for money from our elected

  • Roy Evans

    Community activist, Anti Open Cast mining campaigner and leading light in the "Keep our NHS Public" campaign in Wales. Roy has been an active trade unionist in the engineering industry and has a track record of standing up for working class people

  • Julie Robinson

    As a widow of a former miner with four children and three grandchildren living in South East Wales, it is a pleasure to see the regeneration and opportunities delivered by the Labour Welsh Assembly Government over its first two terms. My late husband's

  • John Cox

    It was the post-war socialist Labour government that made it possible for me, the son of a coal miner, to go to University. Ever since, millions of children have enjoyed health and educational facilities that were denied to my parents. Most voters

  • Jeff Green

    Jeff Green, Geoff Waggett, Peter Watkins and Richard Patching are offering themselves as Welsh Assembly candidates in the South Wales East Region. We ask you to vote for us and the Welsh Christian Party on your second ballot paper of regional list

  • Michael German

    The values of a fair and green future are the foundations of the Welsh Liberal Democrat election programme. We have grasped the opportunity of the new powers - to make the Assembly work for the people of Wales. I want a fair deal for pupils, parents

  • Sara Jeremy

    The Christian Peoples Alliance is part of a long European tradition; Wales' cultural heritage has been rooted in Christianity for seventeen hundred years. In the census of 2001, 72 percent of us in the Welsh population chose to describe themselves

  • Mohammed Asghar

    Born in Peshawar in 1945, Mohammad Asghar currently lives in Newport. He attended Peshawar University and completed an accountancy course in Nash College, Newport. He has stood for Plaid Cymru in previous elections, including the last General Election

  • Laura Anne Jones

    Laura Anne Jones was Britain's youngest Parliamentarian, elected to the National Assembly in 2003 at the age of 24. Born in Newport in 1979, she grew up in a small rural community in Monmouthshire and attended Caerleon Comprehensive School before studying

  • Veronica Watkins

    We are told all the time that more and more money is being spent by Labour on our public services here in Wales - so why aren't we seeing any marked improvement? Look at the problems at the Royal Gwent - with the Accident and Emergency unit struggling

  • Keith Morgan

    I live in Bettws Newydd near Usk where my family have farmed for generations. Between 1988 and 1992 I built and developed the Alice Springs Golf complex which lies three miles north of Usk Town. I have two elder sons involved in the supply of grass

  • Sue Deare

    I have always lived in Monmouthshire. I was at one time a Community Councillor and have for many years been an active trades unionist. Having worked for BT for many years, I am now a full-time carer for my elderly mother. This has given me an insight

  • Geoff Waggett

    Jeff Green, Geoff Waggett, Peter Watkins and Richard Patching are offering themselves as Welsh Assembly candidates in the South Wales East Region. We ask you to vote for us and the Welsh Christian Party on your second ballot paper of regional list

  • Pupils to build hope in Kenya

    MORE than 30 Gwent youngsters are preparing for a life-changing trip to help homeless children in Africa. The 31 pupils from Caerleon Comprehensive, St Julians Comprehensive, Rougemont and Bassaleg Comprehensive have raised nearly £1,500 each to pay

  • Colin Mann

    Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales is relevant to all people living in Wales, regardless of their origin or ethnicity. Plaid Cymru has a vision for a better Wales - where the needy are looked after but where people are also rewarded for hard work and

  • Peter Watkins

    Jeff Green, Geoff Waggett, Peter Watkins and Richard Patching are offering themselves as Welsh Assembly candidates in the South Wales East Region. We ask you to vote for us and the Welsh Christian Party on your second ballot paper of regional list

  • Roger Thomas

    As a family man living in Portskewett. I have witnessed the extra cost of the Assembly Government first hand. My Local Council Tax has more than doubled since the Assembly's inception in 1999. As a parent of two children I would prefer to see the £880,000

  • Glenn Eynon

    I worked at Llanwern steel works for 27 years until its closure. The steel strike of 1980 was responsible for my enduring interest in the Trade Union movement and wider political issues. I believe New Labour's policies actually create unemployment

  • Angharad Halpin

    University lecturer in trade union studies and labour movement activist. Having grown up in Newport near the steelworks Angharad believes Wales needs to reverse the 10% drop in industrial production in Wales since 1997. In that time, Angharad points

  • Dan Cole

    Probably the youngest candidate in the Welsh Assembly elections 18-year-old Dan is a College National Union of Students activist, convenor of the south Wales Young Communist League and an anti-fascism/anti-racism campaigner. Dan is concerned that the

  • Dave Rawlings

    Dave is a campaigner on issues of housing and homelessness. Dave believes Wales is in the throes of a housing crisis. His work with the homeless leaves him in no doubt that homelessness is on the increase, -homelessness here has doubled since 1997,

  • Cerian Screen

    As a mature student studying at Cardiff University, I am well-placed to see that the loan system of student finance is responsible for encouraging many to drop out of the education system. As a socialist I believe that there should be a basic right

  • Hugh Moelwyn-Hughes

    I am a retired solicitor living with my wife in Langstone, Gwent. I am a founder member of UKIP Wales. I joined the party when I became increasingly concerned with the project of the European Union. The Assembly Government is just another step in

  • Glyn Erasmus

    This is the most important election in Welsh history, the first one that will pick the people who will be able to make laws on our behalf. The people of the South East need to be sure that those we send to Cardiff have the future of Wales and the People

  • Richard Patching

    Jeff Green, Geoff Waggett, Peter Watkins and Richard Patching are offering themselves as Welsh Assembly candidates in the South Wales East Region. We ask you to vote for us and the Welsh Christian Party on your second ballot paper of regional list

  • Alan England

    I was born and raised in the South West of England, and have a great affection for South Wales. Like the South West, Wales has suffered at the hands of Westminster politicians over the decades, not least by reason of much unemployment. The people

  • Andrew Roberts

    Essentially I would like to believe that every candidate in the election is standing not for personal gain and not for policies only applicable on the national level. For example, I very much doubt a fairer deal for farmers would be of much use to

  • David Hando

    Kampala, Pwll Pen Court, Hartridge, Newport, NP18 2NH. Married, three grown up sons all living and working locally. Liberal Democrat candidate for south east Wales. Education - Durham Road and St Julian's high schools, University of London (LSE

  • Fred Bishop

    Fred Bishop, an ex-senior fire officer comes from a small village in Worcestershire. His main concern is the concentration of power in central governments. Devolution should mean local democracy. Local people should decide local issues. In 1974 the people

  • David Lane

    My name is David Lane I am 47 years old, have four children and was born in Bedworth. I have worked in the distribution industry for over 20 years and currently work as a key accounts manager in the South West area of the country. Trained in Business

  • Joyce Giblin

    I have always lived in Newport and come from a family with strong socialist roots. I first became seriously politically active during the 1984/85 miners' strike - a time which changed many people's lives. Since that time I have become increasingly

  • Alastair McGowan

    Alastair McGowan is a sustainability consultant. He lives in Grosmont, near Abergavenny, with his wife and two children.

  • Steven Uncles

    English Democrats National Council member and activist, and works as a freelance Commercial and Project Manager. Steve is 43 years old and married with 2 children, he is passionate about fair play, democracy and the maintenance of traditional counties

  • Geraldine Layton

    Although I have retired to live in Bristol with my son, I lived in Wales from 1981 to 2003, observing the Thatcher years, closure of the pits, and the referendum in Wales. I voted in favour of the Welsh Assembly; and am interested in the well being

  • Sickness hits hospital wards

    ADMISSION and discharge of patients are being restricted on five wards at the Royal Gwent Hospital due to an outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting. The affected wards are C5 West, D4 West, D3 East, B6 and B3. Rowan ward at County Hospital, Griffithstown

  • Gerald Lambourne

    The primary reason for my standing as a candidate in the Welsh Assembly elections in Monmouthshire as an English Democrat is to raise awareness of the undemocratic decision to move Monmouthshire from England to Wales during the Local Government reorganisation

  • David Knight

    The English Democrats were formed a little over 4 years ago when it became clear that devolution was not afforded to all of the UK. We believe in democracy and the rights of the people to choose those who are supposed to represent them. It is becoming

  • Slip road to close

    A BUSY slip road in Newport city centre is to be shut despite outcry from locals, councillors and taxi drivers. The northbound slip road off Kingsway, leading to the Old Green roundabout is to be closed on an experimental basis, while the council consults

  • Robert Owen Lear Clarke

    I was born in Northern Ireland, and after graduating in engineering I broke my apprenticeship in Harland and Wolff's shipyard to get a better job in England. I stayed with that firm when it moved to Newport, rising to Engineering Director at Newelco

  • Ebbw Vale house prices

    WITH house prices in Ebbw Vale rocketing by a massive 32 per cent in the last year, many people in the Valleys town are being priced out of the market. Are you one of those struggling to get a foot on the ladder? Call Laura Evans on 01495 751751

  • Dancers step to the top

    A GROUP of Newport girls danced their way to top awards in a prestigious national contest. The talented teens are pupils of Sian Rees, a teacher at Carol Good dancing school, which teaches modern, tap and ballet. She took some of the school's 300

  • Surprise marks end of "happiest years" for head

    SEVENTEEN years ago, Lesley Ilott arrived as a short term supply teacher at a Newport school. But she never left, and is now preparing to say goodbye as head teacher of St Julian's Infants where she has spent "the happiest years" of her life. On

  • Fundraisers help Katie to walk

    THE family of a Gwent girl battling to walk thanked people in Newport for raising thousands of pounds to help her. Six-year-old Katie Fudge-Simpson has several holes in her heart and cannot walk or talk. She was one of the first people in the UK

  • Alice in Wonderland, Wales Millennium Centre, cardiff

    ENGLISH National Ballet brings Lewis Carroll's masterpiece brilliantly to life with a staging that's both charming and fun. As the adventure unfolds, and dancing lobsters and swimming badgers are conjured up so vividly, you'd be forgiven for thinking

  • 1 sheep, 2 sheep…

    I entirely blame my lack of being able to sleep on my lovely friend who suggested we watch Saw 3 tonight. Now I thought the news about all this fainting in the cinema was just utter rubbish, I mean it can't be that bad right?! Yeah, wrong. I am now

  • John Turner

    As a Labour Party member for 30 years, I have a strong commitment to its core values of social and economic justice for all. With some 15 years experience as an elected member of a Local Authority (Torfaen CBC) with Cabinet Member experience, I believe

  • ReelinandaRockin, The Riverfront, Newport

    ReelinandaRockin arrived at Newport Riverfront on Friday evening bringing with it five celebrated music stars from the 1960s, Dave Berry, Dave Dee, Chip Hawkes (of The Tremeloes), Barry Ryan and Susan Maughan. All artists had sold over 30 Million records

  • Callum has the hottest design

    TEN-YEAR-OLD Callum Adams designed a winning poster to demonstrate the dangers, effects and causes of grass fires. Youngsters from the Abertillery area took part in the project as part of the local fire station's attempt to reduce the numbers of incidents

  • ARGUS COMMENT.....Boost for valleys

    EBBW Vale has become Wales' housing boom town - with prices increasing by a staggering 32 per cent in one year. While in all other parts of Gwent house prices are rising in single figures, the valleys town is experiencing a phenomenal hike. For

  • Man in court on attempt rape charge

    A SUPERMARKET shelf-stacker appeared before Newport magistrates today charged with attempted rape. Said Bessayah, 36, formerly of Fairoak Avenue, Newport, but now of no fixed abode, is charged with the attempted rape of a woman in the city on April

  • BREAKING NEWS...Gipsies camp on school playing field

    GIPSIES are camped on the playing field of a Newport school. Around 20 caravans moved onto the site opposite Duffryn High School on Friday afternoon. The caravans set up just a few yards behind a set of rugby posts on the school pitch. Cars,

  • ARGUS COMMENT.....Drink harms our society

    IT is a sad fact that binge drinking in this country is seen as an acceptable way of life. We drink alcohol in far greater quantities than nearly everyone else in the world. We are far more reliant on drink for our socialising and entertainment than

  • This isn't a proper blog

    Ever the slacker, I've not done a 'proper' blog today. Reason? I've had a whole mountain of coursework to finish (I mean seriously - a complete OVERLOAD). Plus, my game column's due in soon, and I've a uni TV documentary to script and produce. So I'm

  • All you need to know about etiquette

    Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire in 1836, into a family of modest means. At 14 years of age he was apprenticed to a Master Plumber in Chelsea, London. After serving his apprenticeship and then working as a journeyman, he set up in his own right

  • Wales gets all the best weather

    Woke up yesterday with a nasty sore throat - exactly the same day that the sun finally came out after weeks of dismal grey AND having to hear all about how lovely it is in the UK! Murphys Law I guess. Today its progressed into a lovely snotty runny

  • One question - "Why?"

    I would just like to say 'why?' to the person who stole/appropriated my 3 bags of clothes recycling on Thursday. I hope you had fun sorting through the ripped and revolting clothes my daughter finally got round to getting rid of. I'd already taken

  • Valleys house prices rocket

    HOUSE prices in Ebbw Vale rose by a staggering 32 per cent in the last year according to new figures released today by one of Britain's biggest mortgage lenders. Average house prices in the town burst through the £100,000 mark during the last year,

  • Caerleon in Bloom competition

    CAERLEON IN BLOOM COMPETITION: Preparations by CIB's volunteers are well under way for the 2007/8 competition. The categories will include best garden, best display, best public buildings, best group of houses and best community effort. Information will

  • Music in the market

    STEP BACK IN TIME: I apologise and grovel to anyone confused by last week's article, called Music in the Market. (I certainly was.) It was of course last year's article re-sent by mistake. This was due to a technical problem, The technical problem

  • Women's Institute

    WOMEN'S INSTITUTE: Caerleon Women's Institute met on April 16, a week later than usual due to the Easter holiday. Thanks to the energetic committee, the plant stall, book and bric-a-brac stalls were set up early and the noticeboard displayed forthcoming

  • Youth sport

    YOUTH SPORT: Pill Harriers under-eights and nines are up and running after a lot of hard work, all credit must go to all the players for their commitment. It was a close game with an excellent team effort, tries were scored by Macauley Prince, Jake Hanbry

  • Stars shine at Stadium

    ON a glorious afternoon at the Millennium Stadium, Blackwood Stars won the WDRU Worthington Cup for the second timein their history, defeating Bryn-cethin by 28 points to 18. Bryncethin had the better of the early exchanges, narrowly missing with a penalty

  • Male voice choir

    MALE VOICE CHOIR: Do you enjoy a really good male voice choir? Do you love all those beautiful Welsh songs and rousing hymns? Well, now you have the chance to go along to All Saints Church in Brynglas Road and enjoy the fabulous singing of the Newport

  • Friends of Duffryn

    SPRING CONCERT: On March 26, 2007, Duffryn High School held their spring concert. The theme was Music From The Movies. The mayoress, special invited guests and the audience enjoyed a varied selection of music from shows ranging from Oliver! Jesus Christ

  • AM's visit

    VISIT FROM AM: The Gaer fruit and vegetable co-op were delighted to welcome Rosemary Butler to our Thursday session. Mrs Butler timed it just right, arriving just as we had finished bagging up the goodies. She was very pleased with the quantity and

  • Danielle takes the crown

    PONTYPOOL teenager Danielle Wells is leading the town's summer celebrations this year. She's been crowned Pontypool Carnival Queen and will head a procession through the streets of the town on Saturday July 14. Organisers are hoping the weather

  • What now for Crows?

    Football writer Terry Daley has reported on Cwmbran Town for the South Wales Argus for the past 15 seasons and here looks at what relegation from the Welsh Premier League could mean for the club. IT'S all over. The club which won the inaugural title

  • Crows go down

    WITH just three minutes to go before the interval, Cwmbran Town were handed the chance to take a 2-1 lead through a penalty awarded after striker Martyn Houston was upended, writes Terry Daley. Up stepped Houston's co-marksman, Sam Small, who recently

  • Wasps keep sting

    IF it's a winning Newport team you want, then get down to Hayley Stadium on Sundays at 4.00pm because the Wasps are pulling up trees to produce value-for-money entertainment, writes Terry Daley. They did it again yesterday when they opened their British

  • Police hunt sex attacker

    POLICE are hunting a sex attacker who subjected a woman to a "terrifying" assault on a cycle path near Ebbw Vale at 1am on Saturday, leaving her traumatised. The 22-year-old victim was walking along the unlit track, known as Black Path, from Brynmawr

  • Newport so clinical

    NEWPORT produced a clinical performance to dispatch Aberavon at the Talbot Athletic Ground, but their thunder was stolen by Neath just hours later. The Welsh All Blacks edged out Pontypridd 20-18 at Sardis Road in their final game of the season to all

  • Keys backs coach goes

    CROSS Keys will not be renewing the contract of backs coach Nicky Lloyd when the current season ends. Lloyd will leave the Pandy Park outfit after next weekend's home game with Bridgend, and Keys have already earmarked and been in discussions with the

  • Keys end losing streak

    Cross Keys laid to rest a run of six successive league defeats by beating fellow Principality Premiership Table strugglers Maesteg 32-25 at Pandy Park. Keys deserved the win after producing some sparkling attacking rugby in the first half, but it all

  • Beadle happy to escape with point

    NEWPORT County boss Peter Beadle admits he was happy to escape Sutton United with a point and no injuries after a bruising encounter on Saturday. A controversial penalty from Jason Bowen cancelled out an early Sutton opener in a game that saw five home

  • County take point as ref rules roost

    NEWPORT County stretched their unbeaten run to ten but had to settle for a point after a bruising encounter at Sutton United. The previous three outings saw the Exiles compete in free-flowing and exciting games that have enthralled and entertained.

  • Brew blow

    NATHAN Brew has almost certainly played his last game for Newport Gwent Dragons after suffering a recurrence of his ankle injury during Saturday's 11-try thriller against Clermont Auvergne on Saturday. The Dragons bowed out of the European Challenge

  • Scenic spot spoilt by yobs

    PEOPLE using a scenic spot in Abergavenny say they are being abused by drunken yobs. Families, tourists, ramblers and dog walkers who use Castle Meadows field have told police they have been abused. Police have cracked down on the anti social behaviour

  • Morgan: We gave it our all / Cotter praises Dragons

    NEWPORT Gwent Dragons captain Kevin Morgan was proud of his team's effort against the might of Clermont Auvergne in the searing heat on Saturday, writes Robin Davey. He admitted they lost it in the first 20 minutes, but still felt the team had a chance

  • March celebrates 100 years of scouting

    MORE than 1,500 Scouts from across Gwent marched through Newport yesterday to celebrate 100 years of the movement. The sun was shining as police vehicles guided the youngsters from the Civic Centre to Rodney Parade and back again. A further 500

  • Big prizes for Nemo boy

    BOXING gloves worn by world champion Joe Calzaghe, rugby memorabilia and flying lessons are just some of the prizes going under the hammer at a charity auction in aid of a terminally ill Gwent boy. Former Wales rugby star Jonathan Davies will host

  • Fire crews battle mountain blaze

    A MOUNTAIN fire took fire crews four hours to extinguish after it broke out yesterday. Fire crews were called to Rowan Way, Rassau, Ebbw Vale at 4.47pm to a mountain fire covering 75 acres of grassland and 5 acres of forestry. Teams from Ebbw Vale

  • Taking steps for scouting centenary

    Energetic members of the Abergavenny Beaver pack ran up and down 200 steps at the Town Hall recently to achieve their goal of gaining another challenge badge. The object originally was to climb 100 steps to mark the centenary of scouting, said Beaver

  • Thanks to all the volunteers

    Monmouthshire County Council Chairman, Councillor Alan Breeze hosted a buffet supper last week to thank volunteers and staff for their hard work at the Borough Theatre in Abergavenny. The chairman thanked his guests and said that it was a pleasure

  • Walking for charity

    CHARITY MARCH: Three men and a babe are walking their way to raising a lot of money for a little-known charity. Samantha Dodd of Park Lane, Abergavenny decided to join her uncle Charles Thomas and two friends - Reinhold Labisch and Steve Hitchman

  • Men released on bail

    TWO men arrested after an alleged stabbing were released on police bail. On Friday, armed police surrounded the Ringland house where alleged victim Josh Henshaw, 18, lives. He claimed to have been stabbed in an incident at Aberthaw Road earlier

  • Television garden

    Open Gardens Programme: A local garden has been chosen to feature in a new BBC2 Daytime series. Sue and Ian Mabberley's garden is one of four gardens belonging to Llanthony & District Garden Club members that are opening to the public on June 17th

  • Annual meeting at St Bridget's

    EASTER VESTRY MEETING - SKENFRITH: St. Bridget's Easter Vestry meeting will be held this year on Wednesday, 25th April at 7pm in the church. This is the parish AGM, when the reports on the various church activities are given. The Annual Vestry meeting

  • Gilwern Memorial Garden

    CONSECRATION: The vicar of Gilwern, the Rev. Annette Francis recently led a service of consecration at the new Memorial Garden at Llanelly Cemetery in Church Road, Gilwern, attended by community councillors and officers of Monmouthshire County Council

  • Holiday fun

    LITTLE HANDS: Chepstow Museum's Little Hands Club extended its usual holiday invitation to older children to join them for an afternoon of art and craft activities this Easter. The children spent the afternoon turning tissue paper, card, glue,

  • Old soldiers march

    Funds: A fund-raising meeting is to be held on Tuesday April 24 at 7pm at Abergavenny Priory Centre. Last time, about 20 people attended the open meeting and a great many ideas were suggested. Veterans parade: Old soldiers will march through the

  • Man in court following alleged armed robbery

    A man charged in connection with an alleged armed robbery in Abertillery was due to appear before a court today. The incident happened at 8.56pm on Friday at the general stores on Gladstone St, Abertillery. One man was arrested and charged and was

  • Dragons do Wales proud

    Clermont Auvergne 46 Dragons 29 NEWPORT Gwent Dragons did themselves, their fans and Welsh rugby proud in Saturday's pulsating European Challenge Cup semi-final against high-flying Clermont Auvergne. The Dragons never for once froze in the scorching

  • Stars out for west end premiere of Spider-Man 3

    The UK premiere of Spider-Man 3 takes place in London tonight - marking the start of the cinema blockbuster season. Tobey Maguire, 31, returns as the comic-book legend following his starring role in the first two Spider-Man films. The movie, rumoured

  • Raft of fun

    PERSONAL trainer Ophelia Hogan's team is the first entry in the 2007 Monmouth Rotary Raft Race which is again raising funds for St David's Foundation Hospice Care. Ms Hogan said she regularly organises runs and walks for her clients as well as supporting