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'A pet is for life - not just for lockdown'

Since the lockdown began there has been a surge in the number of enquiries received by charities with regards to rehoming dogs, cats, and small animals. Argus columnist Jon Powell looks at the issue.

Is a terrifying big cat stalking the Gwent countryside?

Tales of a big cat stalking the countryside are common to areas across the UK - and Gwent is no exception. And the debate has re-ignited once more following the discovery of large paw prints by a dog walker in England. Argus columnist Jon Powell looks at the mystery.

Welsh Rarebit: A look at Wales' favourite snack

According to a recent survey, cheese on toast is the most popular snack among Brits during lockdown - followed by cheese and onion crisps, bacon sandwiches, and cheese and biscuits. Here in Wales we have our own special version of cheese on toast - Welsh Rarebit. Argus columnist Jon Powell looks at the traditional treat.

Concerns over older people's access to cash during lockdown

The use of cash has been in decline for a number of years, but the coronavirus pandemic could well bring its demise even closer. With many retailers encouraging customers to pay be card rather than cash during the virus outbreak, the potential downfall of notes and coins has accelerated. However, for some sectors of the community, especially the elderly, cash remains a vital lifeline not just as a means of payment, but as a way of life. Argus columnist Jon Powell looked at the issue.