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Hairplay of Newport recently celebrated its 30th anniversary

Throughout her career, owner Diane Titmus has built up a long list of extremely loyal clientele, with clients still frequenting her salon since day one. Many of these clients are regarded as lifelong friends, as the relationship between stylist and customer has evolved into something so much more.

Ziba Creative is connecting people with online art classes for all

Naseem Syed created more than 980 art packs last year for communities, families, young people and older adults in textiles, collage, art, and wellbeing kits to support families in need and support those without digital access. She is now busy creating the next packs for different charities, organisations, and Art Clwb.

Fresh Fruit & Veg delivered directly to your door!

“I’d personally like to thank all of our customers for their support due to recent events, and hopefully they will continue to use us in the months ahead. On behalf of everyone who works at Rae Barton Fruit & Veg, thank you.” - Owner Richard Soar

Break free from the constraints of your past and lead a happier and freer life

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is a revolutionary approach, pioneered by the phenomenal ‘therapist to the stars’, Marisa Peer. It is an incredible new super-therapy that does away with the convention of visiting a therapist over a period of months, or even years, instead giving powerful results in just one to three sessions.

An eco-friendly way of keeping your lights on!

Green Park Power has been harnessing the power of the sun and help to save the world with green energy for ten years, so make sure to jump on this eco-friendly way of keeping your lights on.