Research has shown that most people travel to work by some form of motorised transport despite 44 per cent of workers being able to commute by either walking or cycling.

Business Argus has asked local business people how they get to work...

Simon Tee, Partner, Kilsby & Williams, Newport

I drive to work because of the flexibility required for getting out to visit clients. As our office is in an out of town location, walking to work is unfeasible for most of us and while cycling is possible, it only becomes attractive if the office has proper shower facilities and safe routes into work. The A48 road between Cardiff and Newport, is, in my view, treacherous for cyclists in peak travel times, but the opening of the safe cycle route between Cardiff and Newport will help. We are considering improving our office facilities in light of more staff opting to join the Cycle to Work Scheme, where they are able to acquire new bike in a tax efficient manner! Some of our staff regularly use public transport as there is a good bus route close to us and the service seems fairly efficient. Cycling or walking to work, while great in theory, only practically suits certain buinesses that are predominately office based.

Scott Pearson, managing director, Newport Transport

Working with businesses to provide them with the opportunities to give their staff affordable, viable routes to use public transport to get to and from work is vital. This is why we have developed a network of services in the city of Newport and wider area that provide commuters with the chance to get to their place of work quickly and cheaper than compared to using the car. Importantly, we offer businesses in this network discounted bus smartcards for their staff. This incentivises employees to use the bus, by giving them further discounted bus travel with the flexibility of using our Osyter-style top-up card Passport. We'd like to offer these opportunities to more employers so if companies are interested we invite them to get in touch. As for our own staff, we provide them and their immediate family members free bus passes. Again, this supports them getting to and from work using public transport and gives them the chance to use the bus outside of work too.

Steven Adams, director, Simply Factoring Brokers, Newport

I drive to work as I have to go to meeting through the day, but my staff often carpool and some walk into work. It's more convenient when they drive in as they may need their car through the day and in fact we are in the early stages of setting up branded cars for some of our staff members.

John Newell, Kingston Newell Estate Agents, Newport

My staff and I need our cars for work as we have to be out and about the city attending viewings and valuations. Public transport has certainly improved in Newport and there would appear to be more cycle lanes but with the inclement weather, the sometimes unreliability of public transport and the location of some of our properties being off the main routes the use of cars are essential. On a lighter note, I think the prospect of me cycling to work might well put other road users at greater risk than me in a car!

Kate Richards, Budget Vets, Newport

There are quite a few of our staff who do use public transport and also walk to our six surgeries. If they are based on site without the need to go out on calls then yes we would encourage them to walk as it provides a good form of exercise and also keeps the car parks clear for our clients.

Dan Smith, M4 Property Consultants, Newport

Although I’m a keen cyclist and regularly get out and about on my bike in my spare time I wouldn’t consider using it for work. On a daily basis I’m travelling around the region attending viewings, rent reviews and meetings with clients and suppliers and wouldn’t have the time to do this on my bike and it might also look a bit strange turning up in my cycling gear or cycling around in a suit!