He turned a small Newport drainage company waste firm into a multi-million pound award-winning phenomenon.

He was the man behind the Guinnes World Record-holding skip car and he also conquered the international powerboat scene.

And now James Norvill is back on land, and eager to bring his winning formula to a new venture: Platinum Products Ltd.

Based at Mill Parade in Newport, Platinum Products supplies ready mix concrete to the building industry.

James said: “It may not be sexy, but a lot of people said the same about waste management, and look what we did there.

“I’m approaching this industry in the same way, and will make it a big success whilst having some fun along the way.”

Starting small, James has plans to ambitious double the size of the company year on year for three years.

James’s points to his Guinness World Record-holding ‘skip car’, which took centre stage at the BBC’s launch of the 2008 Six Nations championship.

He said: “We had a lot of fun with the skip car. It got huge media attention, and both our team and clients loved it.”

The same is true for his ‘Carbon Neutrals’; a small group of student recyclers who toured the streets of Cardiff during rugby internationals, collecting waste plastic glasses.

James said: “First and foremost business is all about your team. Every success I’ve been involved with is down to them. Spend time alongside them, understand their needs, and treat them with respect.

“That leads to excellent customer service. A happy team will bend over backwards to make the business a success, whatever industry you are in, and only then can the creative marketing blossom.

“I have no rules when it comes to marketing. Once you understand that your market are human too, you can get yourself noticed and have some fun.

“We’re planning a few eye-catching campaigns over the next few months. You really won’t miss them,” he said.

Platinum Products Ltd is based at Isca Works on Mill Parade Newport.