The Government Statistical Service is recruiting for more than 30 new roles, as it looks to employ staff in a range of roles at the Office for National Statistics in Newport and other government organisations.

Statistician skills are in high demand in government and they are vital to the collection and publication of official statistics to help government, business, and the public understand the state of the UK economy and society.

In March last year the ONS opened its state-of-the-art ONS Data Science Campus, which was part of a £17m investment in UK national statistics.

Head of the GSS, John Pullinger said: “Working for the GSS is a fantastic opportunity to make a contribution to decision making at all levels in our country. Whether it is deciding the future of our transport network or better education outcomes, through better statistics, we can make better decisions.”

Calum Grimsley who started working at the ONS in August, said: “Professional development is incredibly important in the GSS. That means that you not only have access to, but are actively encouraged to seek development opportunities.”

In addition to the roles at the ONS, the GSS is also recruiting for roles at Welsh Government in Cardiff and Ministry of Defence in Bristol.