The benefits of regular exercise are indisputable, yet 40.5 per cent of professionals in Wales admit they only exercise once or twice a week.

And a worrying 31 per cent confessed that they don’t exercise at all, according to the a study from CV-Library.

The survey of 1,200 workers found that 41.5 per cent of professionals in Wales do try to exercise during the working week, with 35.3 per cent preferring to do so before work.

Of this, 83.3 per cent agree it makes them feel more productive. For the other 64.7 per cent who leave exercise until after work, 92.7 per cent say that this helps them to unwind.

Other findings include:

• The majority (81 per cent) of professionals in Wales agree that regular exercise helps professionals to stay focused at work

• 33.3 per cent admit they do struggle to fit in exercise before they start work

• 45.5 per cent admit they sometimes have to skip their workout, because they’ve had to stay late at the office

• 61.9 per cent of professionals wish they could exercise more throughout the working week.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director or CV-Library, said: “We can be told about the benefits of regular exercise until we’re blue in the face, but it’s clear that fitting this in around work is a daily struggle for many.

"We spend a large proportion of our day working, so it’s no surprise that Wales’ workers find it hard to motivate themselves to exercise as well, whether that’s before or after work.

"But the truth is, exercise is extremely important to both physical and mental health and if you’re struggling to get motivated it’s important you find a routine that works for you.”

The majority of Wales’ professionals (76.2 per cent) believe that businesses need to do more to help facilitate exercise during the working week.

When asked how they could do this, 40.6 per cent suggested they offer free or discounted gym memberships as a workplace perk. After that, 28.1 per cent said they should allow more flexible working to fit around individual’s exercise regime.

Biggins said: “It’s clear that professionals in Wales are looking to their employers for support when it comes to making their work and lifestyle fit around one another. Though it might not always be possible to have flexible hours or free gym memberships, if you’re really struggling with your health as a result of work, it’s important to talk to your boss and see if you can come to an arrangement that works for the both of you.”

With many professionals wishing they could do more but struggling to juggle exercise and work, CV-Library offers its top tips for fitting in a regular workout:

1. Adjust your body clock: Going to bed an hour earlier could help to re-adjust your body clock and make you more of a morning person! Getting up earlier gives you more time to exercise before work, leaving you feeling more productive and giving you back your evenings.

2. Make the most of your lunch break: There might not be enough time to make it to the gym for a workout on your lunch break (especially if you want to eat!) but there’s always time to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

3. Workout at home: Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be done at the gym! There are a whole host of at home workouts that you can do to save you time (and money).

4. Get organised: Pack your bags and select your outfit the night before, this can help you get to the gym nice and early without cutting into your workout time. Alternatively, prepare dinner before you go to work so when you leave the gym you know you can go home, eat straightaway and relax.

5. Request flexible working: If you’re really struggling to find the time, ask your boss if you can work more flexible hours, starting or finishing earlier depending on when you prefer to exercise.