Almost half of Brits who have yellow-themed boudoirs insist they sleep like a baby every night, compared to 11 per cent who have green colours in their bedroom and struggle to nod off.

Orange should also be avoided in the bedroom, as 29 per cent of those sleeping surrounded by amber hues say they feel constantly exhausted.

The research, by Topps Tiles, found that couples with red rooms are most likely to admit they are the most tactile lovers (34 per cent), so perhaps it’s unsurprising that 44 per cent of people with “fiery” walls would describe themselves as extroverts.

And when it comes to cooking skills, the study revealed that those of us with blue kitchen are more likely to be a whizz in the kitchen – with the highest number (15 per cent) describing themselves as a “fantastic” cook.

However, if you’re invited to dinner and the host has beige walls be prepared to go hungry as they emerged as the nation’s worst cooks (one in ten of those with a beige kitchen say they are terrible in the kitchen).

If you have a cream sitting room, it means you are most likely to be a TV addict with the data suggesting those with neutral walls watch up to 15 hours a week, compared to an average of 12.

Sian O’Neill, head of marketing at Topps Tiles, said: “This research reveals that grey is a colour that has seeped into our homes over the years, with more and more people choosing to surround themselves with grey hues.

“Yet, when looking at the correlation between the colours of our houses, lives and personalities, it seems that brighter colours can be a good thing. Having a yellow bedroom can make you sleep well, and a red bathroom means you’re well groomed.

“With a huge range of colours and styles of tiles available, Topps Tiles can help people across the nation find the perfect look to suit their taste, whether you’re looking for something classic or to make a statement with a bold colour.”

When it comes to bathrooms, people who have red colour schemes in this room spend the longest time grooming themselves: 50 minutes a day, compared to an average of 33 minutes.

And those who have a green bathroom spend the least time washing themselves, just 28 minutes per day, according to the poll.

The most romantic couples have a splash of black in their bedroom, the study suggests.