HOW do you keep a rockstar comedy persona aflame while settling into family life?

For new dad Russell Brand, you do it by mixing tales of politics, parenting and prancing.

A sea of adoring fans poured into St David's Hall, Cardiff, to catch him on his latest tour, titled Re:Birth.

The comedian, actor and sometime political campaigner began by telling us he has put his infamous womanising ways behind him.

Audience members filled out forms with probing personal questions, which provided comedic fodder for the first half of the show.

Russell hopped from the stage and mingled with the crowd, as toe-curling answers were read aloud.

The point, he said, was to show who we really are under the masks we present to the world.

Whatever the idea behind it, the howling audience lapped it up.

Motormouth Brand changed gears for the second half, turning his attention to politics.

The comic's punditry has been divisive, bringing both criticism and a cult-like following. But when he said Donald Trump looks like "the ghost of Shredded Wheat", the Cardiff audience were united in laughter.

The energetic show saw the wild-haired funnyman fling himself around the stage, before collapsing in a heap.

He joked that if he expired right there and then, the official cause of death would be recorded as "prancing in Cardiff".