A COMEDY show unlike any before is coming to Cardiff next week.

Comedian, Ruby Wax, is bringing her How To Be Human tour to Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, on October 3 and October 4, joined by special guests: neuroscientist, Ash Ranpura, and monk, Gelong Thubten.

The show is loosely based on her book, called How To Be Human: The Manual, which was published in January.

Talking about the show, Ms Wax said: “It’s very very funny, but it will also tell you a lot of stuff that you might not have known.

“The first half is just me. I have a kind of style where you’re going ‘oh I didn’t realise that, that’s something I’ve never thought of before’ except you’re laughing.

“In the second half of the show there’s a monk and a neuroscientist, so I’m the first to do that one.

"They’re both very funny and smart, and we love each other very much."

The act, which Ms Wax described as 'funny and informative' focuses on how to be human (as the name suggests).

"People want to know why they think negative thoughts," explained Ms Wax.

"Why do you feel sometimes I’m not good enough? Or why do you feel the way you feel? How do you pick your partner. Who do you choose?

“All those are things that everyone really wants to know, and all will be answered.”

How to be Human will be at 7.30pm in Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, on October 3 and October 4.

Tickets are £22 and can be purchased online at: www.shermantheatre.co.uk/performance/talks/how-to-be-human/

The show will then tour throughout the UK, including a show in Bristol on October 28, with the final showing in Norwich Playhouse, on December 8.

For the full line-up of the How To Be Human tour visit: www.rubywax.net/tour.html