YOU can guarantee a good evening's entertainment with a production by the multi-award winning junior members of Abergavenny Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (AAODS) and this musical lived up to every expectation.

From the opening number - Food, Glorious Food - to the finale, this was a feast of excellent fare.

Tom Davies was outstanding in the title role, with the right amount of innocence and melancholy. His lovely singing was never better than in Where is Love?

The rest of the principals were not overshadowed and there were exceptionally mature performances from 16-year-olds, Izzy Neville, as Fagin, and Mattias (OK)Webb, as Bill Sykes.

It was a welcome change to see Fagin as a female and Izzy gave a great portrayal of the elderly rogue, while Mattias was scary as the evil Bill.

As usual, Kerrigan Heffernan made a good job of the role of Mr Bumble and his comical duet I Shall Scream with Widow Corney, well played by Lily Newsam, was one of the highlights.

Millie Edwards was well cast as the Artful Dodger, with the right amount of swagger and cheek.

Grace Fitton-Assinder, in her first role with AAODS, was brilliant as the caring Nancy, who paid with her life when rescuing Oliver. Equally good, as her friend Bet, was Ella Griffiths and their duet It's a Fine Life was enthusiastically received by the packed house.

Olivia Latherton was excellent as the bossy, overbearing undertaker's wife and Syd Bawler brought his acting skills to the fore as her henpecked husband.

There were lovely cameos from Wade Fox as Mr Brownlow, Anni Rees as Mrs Bedwin, William Latherton as Dr Grimwig, Evan Seaward as Noah and Finn Stafford as Charlie Bates.

The show runs all week.

By Lesley Flynn.