CHRISTMAS pantomimes are an annual tradition, but seeing a festive ballet was a first for me, with my expectations surpassed.

Based on work by Dylan Thomas, A Child’s Christmas Poems and Tiger Eggs was beautifully performed by Ballet Cymru, at Newport’s Riverfront Theatre, on Friday evening.

The timeless tale of fond memories of being a child at Christmas was narrated stunningly by Welsh icon Cerys Matthews, who read clearly and emotively. The singer will also be featured live in the Newport performance tonight, and in Bangor on December 1.

She also assisted Mason Neely with the well-collaborated music and arrangements, which complimented the spectacular performance. The hard-work that went into the ballet was not unnoticed, with all involved creating a mesmerising production, and the dancing filling the audience with awe.

Dancers from Ballet Cymru leaped and flipped, twisted and turned, moving rapidly into difficult positions with poise and effortless grace. The second half was somewhat livelier than the first part, with the entire production demonstrating an energy and passion that matched the prose perfectly.

The energetic performance radiated with youthful exuberance, taking the packed audience on a journey through time to the innocence and joy of their youth.

The production was incredible, enhanced by the efforts of the running crew who ensured there was well-timed lighting and scenic designs that immersed the crowd, making it feel like a December in Wales.

A Child’s Christmas Poem and Tiger Eggs will return to Newport’s Riverfront Theatre tonight, before touring other venues.

A list of tour dates and venues is available at:

By Leah Powell