WITH more F-bombs than The Wolf of Wall Street and more thrashing than all the Jaws films combined, this concert, on January 18, certainly wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

Kicking off the chaos, after travelling all the way from Sydney, were metalcore Polaris who excelled in hyping the crowd up.

Fairly new to the music scene, forming in 2017, Polaris had the audience head banging within minutes and certainly seem to have attracted some new fans.

Following a brief interval, to change the set and allow the audience time to recover from the mosh pits, Beartooth took centre-stage, again hyping the crowd ready for the main event.

Beartooth featured amazing songs from their latest album, Disease (2018), with insightful lyrics, howled perfectly and complemented with epic riffs and solos.

Connor Denis, on drums, performed a jaw-dropping drum solo between songs, and frontman, Caleb Shomo, reminded the huge crowd that everyone has their struggle, and everyone is welcome at their gigs.

Finally, the main act: Architects, focused on their latest album Holy Hell (2018) which is their first release since band member, Tom Searle, lost his battle with cancer.

The screaming of the meaningful lyrics gave the performance emotional elements, enhanced by the support shown by fans throughout, with many chanting ‘Thank you!’ throughout and crowd-surfers revelling in the music.

The heavy metal band performed new songs such as Holy Hell and Doomsday, but also included some classic tracks, like Naysayer and These Colours Don't Run, which had everyone dancing.

The spectacular screaming of Caleb Shomo was raw and passionate – it would put a Banshee to shame. Although the genre might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, for fans of heavy music this show was an unforgettable experience.

Behind-the-scenes also did a fantastic job, changing sets between acts and enhancing the performances with mind-boggling lights.

Just when the audience thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, props on the stage started billowing smoke, exploding confetti and – amazingly – fire was spat up from the ground.

This incredible performance is part of Architects huge tour. For a full list of upcoming dates and venues visit: www.architectsofficial.com

By Leah Powell