PAUL Geigerzahler is an extraordinary folk punk violinist from the Berlin squat scene.

He sings songs in German and his own native language of Sorbian, an ethnic Slavic group.

There are lyrical ballads accompanied by almost classical violin playing, then he attacks his instrument holding it like a ukulele (four strings are good) shouting out the lyrics in true punk style.

Geigerzahler is in the middle of a UK mini tour with Efa, who hails from North Wales.

She met Paul at a squat party in Berlin and since then the pair have frequently collaborated.

Efa, who takes her stage surname from Welsh author WH Davies’ book Diary of Supertramp (yes, not the soft rock band from the 70s) strums a battered acoustic and recalls to mind the likes of punk songster Patrick Fitzgerald.

She tends to strain her voice a bit too much at times but she has incisive and earthy lyrics about resisting oppression and love among the squats of Germany’s capital.

By Graham James