A THRILLING Jurassic adventure is proving to be a roaring success with young dinosaur fans at Newport’s Riverfront Theatre this week.

This hit West-end production uses ultra realistic puppets to create a prehistoric world and a thoroughly entertaining stage show.

The production introduces the audience to a selection of pre-historic characters with the help of keeper Miranda while puppeteers bring out Orlando, Baby Bee, Brutas, Tamaura and many more dinosaurs.

The featured puppets were fascinating to watch both for their detail and size and also the mechanics of getting them to stomp, snort, roar or fly around the stage.

And the young audience members were clearly captivated by these larger than life characters

With plenty of audience interaction, a number of youngsters were invited to come up to the stage to feed, brush and pet the dinosaurs.

It was lovely to see them suspend their disbelief to interact with the puppets.

As each character appeared on stage an array of dino facts was offered and lapped up by the captivated audience. But there is also a healthy dose of good old-fashioned theatre as youngsters were called on to shout out every time a hatching dinosaur egg would shake.

The true mastery of the puppets was most effective when T-Rex made his grand entrance. In a cloud of smoke and a huge terrifying sound, the massive structure leaned out to the audience to snap its jaws in a thrilling display.

Lasting for approximately an hour, it’s a good length for young families with an opportunity to meet the dinosaurs and take a few pictures at the end.

The show is on until Friday, April 26.

By Sarah Wigmore