GLASWEGIAN Sadowitz is back and he’s very angry – about everything.

At 57 he’s certainly not mellowed with age, his bilious invective turned into an expletive-spattered performance.

Dressed in his all-black funereal attire with his trademark top hat he’s a scary character you would not dream of heckling.

He introduces himself as a Frankie Boyle tribute act, a self-deprecating reference to his conviction that Boyle stole his act and toned it down for a successful telly career.

Sadowitz is the last of the underdogs and tonight’s performance is one of the most scabrous comedy shows I’ve ever witnessed.

He eulogises Donald Trump and backs Brexit. Then he slags off the Irish, the Welsh and their language, the Scottish and especially the English.

None of his jokes are repeatable in print and he would never get on TV now with his virulently non-PC rants.

In between the wide-eyed crazed tirades he does card tricks – stunning, brilliant card tricks. For Sadowitz is a master magician, and it was how he started his showbiz career.

If it wasn’t for these spellbinding interludes an hour and a half of Sadowitz yelling at us about how much he hates the world would be overwhelming.

Graham James