Stranger Things is one of the best TV shows currently running. The latest season, Stranger Things 3, could even be the best one yet.

So it came as some ‘wicked fresh’ news, in my post-show-purgatory stage, that BonusXP released Stranger Things 3: The Game.

The game follows the story of the show, and although it has been streamlined to fit with the gameplay style (meaning it’s all explained through speech bubbles and the like), I would recommend watching the actual show before playing the game just so you properly know what’s going on.

Stranger Things 3 plays as an isometric action game, similar to those you would find on the home consoles of the early 90s.

This benefits the game over all, as a large part of it, in keeping with the show, is based around popular culture references from the 80s.

Granted, “The 90s are not the 80s” I hear you cry, but I think a good choice was made here. The game definitely would not have been the same if it was a 2D side-scroller.

More importantly, the game features the ability to play as any of the main characters, which is great. They all have different attacks and abilities that will each help you in different parts of the game.

The gameplay itself can feel a bit repetitive at times, but I think the main selling point here is all the familiar settings and characters.

Additionally it also features a number of settings from the show that you are free to explore at your own pace, should you wish. Some places can only be accessed by using certain characters’ abilities, so you’ll have to unlock them before being able to see and collect everything.

Ah yes, collect. It would seem one Phil Larson has lost all 50 of his gnomes and it is now your job to go and find them. Lord knows how some of them ended up where they are (Russian soldiers must be partial to a garden gnome or two), but its always a bit of fun to go round and find little collectibles in games.

Each gnome is named after something from 1980s popular culture so the real challenge here is to understand all 50 of them without having to google anything or ask someone.

I’d like to say I have found them all by now, but as Mike and Eleven quite rightly say: “Friends don’t lie”.

Overall, I think this one is for the fans. That may sound pretty obvious but what I mean is, if you don’t like Stranger Things, you probably wont like this either.

But if, like me, you love the show, then chances are you will also love being able to play as your favourite characters going around and playing out the story as you just watched it, only slightly… more strange, perhaps.

Ollie reviewed the game on Nintendo Switch. It is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC